50/50 crowd funding

50/50 crowd funding has taken the world by storm . People across the globe are helping each other achieve goals , by donating to each other . Donate for example $20 and you will receive $10 from 6 different people . One can play over and over for a life time . Churches , and other organisations are raising money to start businesses using 50/50fc .Register introduce two hard working people and you are good to go ... Earnings can be from direct recruits and spillovers . its money that circulates from person to person . There are no central bank account . you can check  videos on youtube or you can visit the 50/50 website which is www.50/50fc.com  to register use this link  602302.5050fast.com  .the more we do this the merrier .Remember $20 brings $10x6

$50 brings 25x6 . there are people already in the business receiving close to $100000 donations in a month . if they can so we can . my contact number is +27764715723. (MAKE HAY WHILST THE SUN SHINE) 

the best part of crowdfunding 50/50 is it is one of its kind ... no selling of products but just people helping each other. Its an opportunity not to be missed  . if you need to be added to our social networks platforms please contact me on the number provided above .Remember it is  a world wide  crowd funding and would encourage people to open bitcoin accounts because a person can be paid by someone in another country  .

the best way to tackle it  is working in team most of your payments comes from within your team mates . you business grows faster if you keep growing with your team 

there are different levels to join from starting from$250  , $500 , $1000 , $2000 and $4000 . a person may start small going up or you can join the highest stage first it all up you on how you want to run the business . 

do not be left out . the owner of the company gives tutorials on daily basis on how you can run you business . failing is not an option with support you get . Take your time and browse through social media to hear other people's testimonies . the business is on telegram we all gather daily for updates

if you know , you have hunger and passion to do this do not limit yourself . one is allowed to have multiple accounts , this helps you to have several streams of income. 2019 you better change your financial situation and experience financial freedom , the choice is yours .

This article was published on 21.12.2018 by Jestina Nyaira
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50/50 crowdfunding fc - crowd funding, 19 USD to join

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