'Shotgun' Marketing vs. 'Sniper' Marketing:

Discover What Your Auntie Can Teach You About Sponsoring People Who Will Be Excited About Joining Your Network Marketing Business

“The Longest Distance Between Two Points is a Short-Cut”

- GrandMaster Taejoon Lee

Let's pretend you are planning for your upcoming wedding. If you wanted to send an invitation to your Auntie Anne for your wedding you would have two options for delivery:

Look up her address after verifying that she is interested in attending your wedding, then send her a self-addressed stamped envelope with an invitation to her.


Bust open your bank account for $10,000 and print out 10,000 copies of the same invitation, hire a pilot to fly over the city your aunt lives in and drop invitations all over the city in hopes that she will get at least one of the invitations.

Which option would you choose? It's pretty obvious right?

Well, when it comes to network marketing, the majority of Networkers and business owners in general have proven themselves to make very silly choices.

It Should Be A'No Brainer', Right?

If it was up to most company network marketing leaders, they would choose Option 2.

Simply put, most networkers use ineffective "shotgun" marketing strategies because that is quite literally all they know and are taught.

But guess what? Like a shotgun, a scatter shot won't get you very far...

Most bombard the friends, family and strangers with horrible approaches, emails, flyers, and pray for a positive outcome.

The Woes of Traditional 'Shotgun' Marketing

But to be fair, most normal business owners also make the same mistakes and the evolution of technology is now making everyone not using the internet, pay dearly!

Today's advancements in technology have literally enabled people to put up an electric fence around their lives:

DVR has eliminated commercials from our lives.

Satellite Radio (SiriusXM™) is taking viewership away from terrestrial radio.

Newspapers and Magazines are being replaced by Online News Sites. (Newspaper subscriptions have plummeted.)

The "Do Not Call" list has put the telemarketers at bay.

Do They Even Care? - And if advertisers do get through, you have no idea as to whether the person you are communicating with even cares about what you've got.

Conclusion: Traditional networking and traditional marketing continues to become less effective as it becomes more expensive.


And this is something that has many business owners scratching their heads, because what use to work, is no longer working.

There’s a leak in your profits and you can’t shut it off.

And you've probably noticed.

There is a solution however, still not known to over 95% of network marketers.

However, there is a small group of elite network marketing professionals who have gone online to do lead generation, sales and recruiting and for GOOD reason! As of last year, over 50% of all retail in the US economy is now being conducted ONLINE!

What Does Online Marketing Mean to You?

Bottom line: If you own a network marketing business and you are NOT marketing online, you won't last very long and will soon be out produced by savvy internet recruiters, stealing your downline!

(Note that I am not advocating AGAINST traditional form of marketing; there is a time and a place for that. This document is about teaching you to wield of power of online marketing which may be used independently or in conjunction with traditional marketing stategies.)

Let's go back to our analogy of getting that invitation out to Auntie Anne. You see, with traditional network marketing you are pretty much blind as to WHOM you are addressing – you have no idea their interests, their tendencies, and more importantly, if they are at all likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

It's really no different than paying MILLION bucks for some air time during the Super Bowl, publishing ads in a magazine, broadcasting ads on the radio or even dumping tons of invitations via air in the hopes that one of them gets to Auntie Anne.

Sadly enough, that is all most businesses know about marketing – blindly advertising through untargeted mediums to unknown visitors with the false hope of returning a profit… and the same goes for struggling network marketers all over the world!

Online marketing changes that and gives your marketing 'sniper'-like accuracy.

With online marketing, you aren’t interested in marketing to everybody.

You are only interested in those who have an interest in what you have to offer and you will only market (spend money) on those who have demonstrated an interest in what you’ve got.

How do you do that?


Google, Facebook & YouTube can tell you who is interested in what you've got.

How do they do this?

Well, when 90% of internet users are using Google, Facebook and YouTube for searching, you can bet your 1st born that these platforms can tell you what a particular person is interested in. This is the key!

Building Your Online Attraction Marketing System

You have to look at marketing as a funnel – you start with a wide top that captures people who are interested in the product genre or type of opportunity you have to offer and you qualify those people more and more at each level down of the funnel.

As you proceed with your marketing, your prospects proceed further and further down that funnel, qualifying themselves more and more - on complete auto-pilot!


Ultimately, you end up with only the diehards, the hardcore, and those whom cannot wait to purchase your product or join your opportunity and salivating for the opportunity to get started. (Yes, these people do exist! I've seen it!)

This article was published on 05.06.2016 by Ezeume Solomon
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