There are 2 ways to earn in OneCoin:

So, onecoin is two side of the coin

Passive Income or Build a Network

Passive Income

Being passive requires:

No Selling

No Referring

No Recruiting

No Networking

You Do Not Have To Do Anything to EARN – Why?

The idea behind Bitcoin is to buy low and sell high. That is exactly what happened with Bitcoin.

In 2009, the price of each Bitcoin is just $0.10 and come 2013, it costs more than $1100 a piece.

If you have 1000 Bitcoins at that time, you could have earned 1.1 Million.

OneCoin is just starting.

I cannot stress more that today is the best day to get involve with another successful cryptocurrency in the making.

You are at the forefront of something BIG.

Time is everything – Take advantage of it!

According to the calculations of Dr. Ruja Ignatova, OneCoin can reach €5 after 2 years since its inception and less than two years onecoin was €5.26 and presently €6.25 as at today.

In 3 years, it could be €100 per coin (optimistic scenario base on the success of Bitcoin).

All you have to do now is BUY OneCoins and wait for the value of the coins to appreciate.

Just position yourself today and you will earn big in the future.

It requires no maintenance.

You don’t need to sell, refer or recruit.

Just BUY and sit back – nothing else. E.g tycoon can also trade part of your tokens and also mined some....or just buy low now and sell high latter in the year.

However, if you do want to refer your friends so that they too can earn from the appreciation of OneCoin value, you will get bonuses.

Bonuses and Rewards is the second way to earn.

But understand that it is completely optional.

Build a Network

Note: This is completely optional.

You can choose to stay passive, do nothing and earn from the appreciation of OneCoin value.

But if you want to build a network, this is for you.

You will get rewarded and big bonuses.

OneCoin make use of the MLM Business Model to promote the business to the people.

The compensation plan is so simple, that is more reason why i encouraged good friends to maximize the opportunity onecoin carry

1. Direct Referral Bonus – you will get 10% of all the people you refer regardless of account type. Eg you are starter of €110 and refer tycoon of €5000 guest what! You are paid €500

2. Network Bonus – Your sales organization is based on two legs.

The leg with the lowest sales volume within a calculation period (one week) 10% of this Business Volume (BV) is paid out weekly.

The same amount of Business Volume (BV) will be deducted from your “Greater Network” eg (the leg with the higher Business Volume for the weekly period). Eg your left is 50000bv and right 30000bv in a week 10% of 30000bv is €3000 will be paid to you and 20000bv remaining will be roll over till the subsequent week. If your position maxes out – the BVs on both side are reset to 0.

3. Matching Bonus – You will get a bonus up to 4 Generation with a payout of up to 25%.

To qualify for matching bonus you have to have one personal sponsored member on each side – left and right with minimum Trader package status. Tycoon earn matching of 10% 1st gen. 10% 2nd gen. 20% 3rd gen. And 25% 4th gen. Executive earn from 1st to 3rd gen. Protrader earn from 1st to 2nd gen and trader earn only 1st gen. But starter earn nothing on matching bonus

4. Startup Bonus is also paid to you on 10% if your total personal sales volume is above 5500bv in the first 30days of your joining. Eg if at your first 30days you personally sign up 4 tycoons it gives 20000bv and you will be paid 10% which is €2000

There are more to the network building such as life points, leadership bonus and many more.......

How to get Started?

You can create a FREE account Today and Upgrade Later Get an access to the back office and decide if you want to continue or not

For our newest member to get basic understanding of the OneCoin Business Concept, sir....these are the basic things u need to know abt onecoin.....OneCoin FAQ

Q] What is OneCoin?

A] Onecoin is a crypto currency like bitcoin. You can also call it digital money for transactions. Just the way you use paper money. But crypto currency is better.

Q] How do I invest in onecoin?

A] You buy packages that you can afford to get tokens which are used to mine Onecoin

The higher the package you buy the more tokens you receive

Q] How do I pay to get the package?

A] You can pay for packages through bank wire transfer, perfect money or gift codes from older members

Q] What do I do with the tokens when I buy them.?

A] You wait for your tokens to split, that is double before you mine them

Q] Will the split take place immediately after buying the tokens?

A] It depends on when your package is bought. It is usually some days interval

There is a split barometer that reads on the site, wen its filled, split occurs. It could take days

Split barometer indicates when a split will occur. When it hits 100% there is split

Your initial tokens will double after split

Q] How do I go about the mining after getting a split?

A] From menu you go to exchange then choose the blue box MINING then you will see a space where to submit the number of tokens you have then click submit and answer Yes.

The process of mining is as simple as that

Q] When I submit my token for mining how long does it take for me to get the coins?

A] It takes about 45 days to return as coins

Q] Hope this is the last process?

A] Yes. That is the last process to have your coins but to prevent premature selling of coins they are escrow for about 45 days. Thereafter they become free coins

Q] What is the advantage of waiting for a split?

A] To double your tokens

So that you have more coins

Q] I forgot to ask how many token makes a coin after mining?

A] There is what is called difficulty level in Onecoin.

Q] What is difficulty level?

A] It is the number of tokens require to mine a coin. At present it is 63 it increases from time to time

The more difficult level increases the more value the coins get

Q] So at 63, if I mine 2000 token, I get 2000/63 = 31.7

A] Exactly

Q] What is the current value of the coin?

A] €6.25

Q] Hope the price of coin do appreciate over time?

A] Sure by December 2016 we expect the value to be €15 or more

Q] What was the value wen u join? Has there been any increase?

A] When i joined(may 2015) the value was €1.90, now its £6.25

Q] How do I sell my coins after processing it?

A] You can sell your coins inside our internal exchange, later this year you can use your coins to buy tangible products from merchants who will accept our coins. You can also load your coins into the Mastercard directly for withdrawal

Q] Lastly, do I gain anything wen I introduce this opportunity to a friend?

A] Yes. You can make weekly bonuses if you decide to share the opportunity with others. But this is not a requirement. You choose either to be pure investor or you want to share.

I want to register now, how do I register,


Fill in the require details and you are on to world of making money in the cryptocurrency world.

For more info/support

Call/what'sapp me on +233247441107

God bless you

See you at the Top

This article was published on 23.07.2016 by Amarachukwu Igboka
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