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I have been in other MLM companies before, but have never really felt like I was helping anyone.  It has always been about what I need to do to make more money and what I need to do to make even more money.  The company I am currently with, Modere, has been amazing.  You even have the opportunity to be apart of this company for FREE!  

To sign up as a marketer it will cost a minimum of $199.99.  I know it sounds like a lot, but the cool thing is once you actually get in and start selling you will be making money at zero cost!  Can you imagine?  After the initial fee you will be able to make money with this company and never pay a dime again.  It gets better!  Once you start selling and your company gets off the ground not only will you be able to make money, but you can also receive up to $199 of free product every month.

Be aware of time stamps on previous reviews when looking up information on the company.  Modere has been making major strides to improve and I personally feel like they have done a great job!  There was a time when you were basically on your own with this company.  Not much was explained. Modere has come a long way in helping new comers to the social marketing scene. They have created social media groups on Facebook and added instructional videos on how to work with potential customers/prospects. One Voice is an example of one of those Facebook groups. It is designed to show you how to work with customers step by step. They show you how to start initial conversations with all types of people. The other two live groups are for customers. The M3 pledge group discusses everyday issues, success stories, and offer Q&A for customers who have questions about the products. The final group (Social Retail) is designed for customers who are interested in becoming a social marketer themselves.

Since my Fianc√© and I have been a part of this company we have seen people change their lives.  It's a great feeling not only helping people, but also making money at the same time!  This company also provides many incentives to their marketers and customers it is crazy!  Even as a customer they give you the chance to receive anywhere from $99-$199 of product for free!  How many MLM companies out there are giving away free product and still making big bucks?  

Modere's motto is to live clean. They do not test on animals, the products are environmentally friendly, the packaging is recyclable and everything is BPA free!  This company offers more than just a paycheck, it offers you  peace of mind knowing that you are helping people improve their way of life while saving the environment.  You will not regret giving this company a try!

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This article was published on 07.11.2016 by Will Smith
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Modere - Personal/Home/Health, 199.99 USD to join

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