Network Marketing Objection Handling: The No Money Objection


If you have ever prospected in network marketing before, you have heard the most common objection there is... "I don't have the money to get started"

We call it the "No Money" network marketing objection, because it comes in different sentences, but all means the same.

In this business announcement I want to share with you why you hear the objection, and how you can get 

past it from now on. 

Why "No Money" Is Commonly Used

You must realize that this common mlm objection is not always the case. As a matter of fact, it is most likely not true at all.

People use the objection because they think there is no way for you to get them to budge if they simply can't pay.

The reason they use it, is because they either are not interested in joining at all, or they really think they can't add another expense to their monthly budget. Knowing this, it opens the door for a perfect way to handle the objection so you can still get signups after they use it.


What To Say When You Get The "No Money" Objection

First thing to remember is you are in control of this conversation with the prospect.

Instead of trying to beg, you need to know if they are simply telling a story, or haven't realized they do have the money.

When a prospect uses this common mlm objection, you need to reply with something like "Are you saying this because you want in, or want out?"

Then be silent and let them reply.

If they say it because they want out, no problem. You saved yourself a lot of time.

If they think they don't have the money and do want in, ask them "Then how far are we away from getting you X amount of dollars"?

Now this will make the amount seem much smaller and easier to obtain. If it is $500 they need to start, and they have $300 saved, then it's just a matter of saving up $200 instead of full amount.


Help Them Realize

Now you can help a prospect realize they do have the money.

If your product prevents a monthly bill they already have, you can now focus on the switching over instead of adding new bills.

Also, find the things they spend on every month and eliminate all those that are not important. You'll be surprised at how much they have left over every month when they stop eating out, going to movies, stopping for coffee, and other nickel and dime killers.

Learn More On The "No Money" Network Marketing Objection

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This article was published on 07.10.2016 by Jaye Carden
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