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My name is Tyler Biegerl, and I am a member of the fastest growing MLM & Wine Club, 'Direct Cellars'.  (A play on words of Sellers and Wine Cellar).

But before I tell you about who we are today, let me tell you about how we all got started.

In 2014, founder of Direct Cellars, David DiSteffano, founded a small wine club in Fort Meyers, Florida.  Direct Cellars eventually grew to 150 members in a short period of time.  Of the first 150 members, 149 of them continued to be apart of this wine club.  Having seen such a great potential and amazing retention rate, successful network marketer Peter Jensen, helped DiSteffano turn this small wine club into a MLM where members have the choice to pick between two different memberships:  premium, and elite.  

Premium members pay $249.95 USD to join, where the member will receive a shipment of 4 premium, club selected wine, as well as a $79.95 USD monthly fee, which the member will receive 4 bottles of wine each month to their home address.  

Elite members pay $499.95 to join, where the member will receive a shipment of 12 premium, club selected wine, as well as the same $79.95 USD monthly fee, which the member will receive 4 bottles of wine each month to their home address.  

Here is the great part.... There is no obligation to sell the product!  In fact, that is not the point of this business opportunity at all.  Direct Cellars only wants people to "Get In, Get Wine, Get Social".  How many people do you enjoy a glass of wine?  How many of those same people that you know, would spend more than $80 on premium wine each month?  Even if you do not drink alcohol, I will bet that you know more than 10 people who do.  Nothing.... and I mean nothing brings people together better than alcoholic beverages.  

How Direct Cellar club members make their money is simple, refer people.... sign someone up as a premium member, you earn $125 USD.  Sign someone up as an elite member, earn $250 USD.  So basically if you sign of two premium members, and you yourself are a premium member, you just paid for your initial sign up fee.  

Direct Cellars also has mulitple ways they allow their members to earn great monthly residual incomes in their binary system.

If you love to drink wine, you will not want to pass this opportunity up, because even if you do struggle to sign-up referrals, you still receive great tasting, premium wine from all over the world.  Even if you do not drink alcohol, if you are a person who likes to attend social gatherings, their is not many gifts better than a bottle of wine!

The wines are hand selected by 2 wine experts who travel the globe, searching for wineries who do not have their products in stores.  That's right!  The wine handed out by Direct Cellars cannot be found in stores!  You can also go online to your member's back-page and buy any wine you like for a whole-sale price!

Direct Cellars has everything you need to help you be successful as a business owner, and everything you need as a member of social club.  If you would like more information, please call 980-288-8494 or visit: and let's either get you earning a great income today! or get you drinking delicious wine today!

This article was published on 30.08.2016 by Tyler Biegerl
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Tyler Biegerl At the moment, Katia, we are only shipping within the United States. We plan to ship worldwide, as we plan to be the biggest wine club in the world.  1 year ago
Katia Escalera Does the company ship wines all over the world?  1 year ago

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