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Hello, my name is Gabriela and I appreciate you taking the time to read my post.  

I have a question for you.  At the end of the day, 

How many people saw your product? 

How many people showed interest in your product? 

How many people purchased your product?  

You know you have a good product, but how do you get enough eyes, the right eyes on your product?  Just like me, you've probably outgrown Traffic Exchanges and even Safe lists. Nothing against either one, but honestly I have no time to click for a few credits and play for zoobies, whatever those are.  We need a better audience. We need people who are willing to learn, stretch, invest, grow.  A large quantity of leads, because after all is said and done, only a small number of leads will turn into serious “workers” and an even smaller one will go on to build their own business, implicitly yours, if they build under you.  

That being said, after trying a few sources, my leads source choice is MLM Recruit On Demand.  
Why MLMROD? You only pay $15.00 to join. This is a one-time payment. In the first month, you get 100 leads (delivered within 5 days, 20/day) After that you get 100 new, fresh leads every single month for as long as you decide to use the program.  

Ofcourse as with any lead source, some have outdated emails and phone numbers. So I took my 100 leads and ran them through a program which analyzed my entire MLMROD CSV list and gave me an analysis as you see in the image below


As you can see, out of 100 leads, 85 are deliverable. Not bad, considering that every month you will get another 100 fresh, new leads.  

You can always upgrade your MLMROD account and your commission will jump to a whole new level. Oh, I didn't mention that at the $15 level, you earn 100% commission.  Same at the upgraded level. 

Also, MLMROD has an Incentive people can't refuse. When you upgrade, every person who accepts your invitation to look at your program, receives a $50 gift card. Sweet, isn't it?  

And now, here's a resource I for you. The program I use to check my CSV list from MLMROD, is called KickBox. Join free and check your list so you don't overload your contacts list with useless emails.

If you wish to connect with me on Skype, my id is justgabms

Goodluck and much success  ---             


This article was published on 14.10.2016 by Gabriela Mihai
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Harold S Mccorkle Hello Gabriela, Sure, send it to me, I'll take a look at it.. Here is the Information that you requested You need to grab converzly; ===>>> It's a 3  6 months ago
Julia Bellamy wonderful! i'm beginning to understand the internet better and how it works Thanks!  1 year ago
Christopher Thornhill That's pretty neat but I got a question for you can use the kick box for just one thing if you're not even in the Aro D program   1 year ago

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