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58000 members in Crowdrising AS OF This Week.

As you may know, the worlds largest CrowdRising Site - has just passed over 58000 members with 450K in monies Received.

While watching my newsfeed on Facebook, I noticed many questions being asked about just how Crowdrising works…

To understand how this platform works, you must realize that CR is a Donation Platform, with all donations going peer to peer. Crowdrising is NOT a Business, NOT a company, there is NO CEO or Company Owner…Put simply, it is a means to make and receive donations in a structured manner with a predictable outcome…In this post, I will try to make it as simple as I can in explaining the steps it takes to complete the signup process and become qualified to receive donations…You cannot be scammed in Crowdrising, because the company is not handling any money. The transaction is purely between donor & receiver through the pay portals. The Company is only doing the administration.

58,000 participants and growing strong.

http://prntscr.com/bvvr7u Yes it is official.

We have done it. Great teamwork.

How popular is CrowdRising? http://prntscr.com/bvvsuk

Our Global Alexa ranking says it all.


And the secret is that most of these monies were pulled in by regular people just like yourself and myself.

To become eligible to receive donations, you must make a donation…This will be a One Time Only donation of $20 to the person who referred you to this platform. Once you have made your donation, you are now qualified to receive donations and there will be many.

The donation structure is based on a 5 by 10 matrix which means that you will have 5 (and only 5) people on your step one level. Filling your first level is accomplished by telling all of your known  friends and anyone else you might know, about Crowdrising… Typically though, before you can fill your first level, spillover from members above you will take place and usually level 1 will be filled very quickly… Your level 1 will bring you $100 in donations at which time you can advance to level 2, which means you have to make a $40 donation to a person above you, designated by the matrix structure. (This is all done automatically by an algorithm placed on your website)

At that point, you are qualified on Level 2, which, when filled, you will have received $1000. (Level 2 equals 25 members, all donating $40 each to you which equals $1000)…

Here is a breakdown on each level and how much you can expect to receive in donations…Keep in mind, this DOESN”T all happen all at once, it will trickle in over time and in time will create a steady flow of income for you…

Here’s the breakdown…

Register and  Donate $20 to upgrade to Level 1…

Recruit just 5 Referrals… Your Referrals each pay you $20 = $100

You then upgrade to Level 2…

You will then be paid Grade 1 and Grade 2 donations EASY…

◊Level 1 – $20 gives you $100…

◊Level 2 – $40 gives you $1,000…

◊Level 3 – $80 gives you $10,000…

◊Level 4 – $120 gives you $75,000…

As you upgrade higher, your downline multiplies, and you get Paid More…

As you can see, people donating just $20 to get qualified, can eventually bring in thousands of dollars to you in donations…

Please visit our Facebook home page for more info on the program


Just go here, and follow the directions and your eyes will be opened.

Wishing you wealth & prosperity,► One off, Out of Pocket $20usd

► All donations are direct (member to member)

► We help each other from member-to-member, world-wide


► Crowd Rising is given with the internal understanding, that we do NOT expect anything in return

► 48 Hours to pay your registration

► No clogging up of inactive "pre"-members, if unpaid, they are automatically removed

► You choose what processors inside your back office as to how you want to receive your payments

If you are interested Click the Link

JOIN Crowdrising - http://crowdrising.net/ref/ichar4raj

Video link - http://dailymotion.com/awesomeincome

This article was published on 08.08.2016 by Rajesh K
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