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The Follow-Up Method with Leads that will Pay You for Life in your MLM

You've probably heard this many times before from many networkers who are creating results in the space.

That being "the fortune is in the follow up"

And of course they're not lying. But why is this such a true statement?

Well let's say that you introduce someone to a business opportunity and they say no.

People will typically take that as the concrete answer and move on to the next person.

This is a big mistake.

Generally speaking, about 95-97% of people will say no to the very first exposure to a business opportunity.

Which only leaves you with the remaining 3-5% to depend on to say yes on the first go.

And how many people here are willing to get 1 yes for every 20-30+ no's?

I'm most certainly not one of them.

And this is why follow up is so critical in a networking business. Because people need more time and exposure to make an informed decision.

But how exactly can you follow up consistently for your prospects without accidentally forgetting other that you've talked to?

Because let's face it, if you're talking to a ton of people, you're going to end up losing track of a couple you've talked to. And that could be a little embarrassing.

The real sure fire way to keep in contact with all of your interested prospects is through having an email list.

And there just so happens to be a training by a top networker in the space who is teaching how to create your own email list, write your first email with ease and print money almost on demand.

You can get access to that training when you click here.

Now why is email so important in building a business?

We all know that social media is the place for finding prospects for your business.

The problem? None of these platforms you can control.

The solution that email provides? The fact that you have much more control over your email list as it is your personal asset.

Just imagine if you were able to create a pipeline of all of the prospects you've talked to and were able to keep in contact with all of them by sending one letter.

No needing to manually record all of their names 

No needing to manually reach to all of them individually to see where they're at

No needing to stress over if you missed a follow up with a particular prospect.

You can have all of your contacts in one place, communicate with all of them with one message and start making sales almost on demand.

And if you've never done automated email marketing before, no sweat!

By clicking here to get the Email Marketing Fast-Track Workshop, you'll be getting access to step by step tutorials on how to set up your automated follow-up campaigns, how and what to write in your emails, done for you emails, top hypnotic phrases and much more!

If you want to start super-charging your results in your MLM business, it first starts with creating an asset that can essentially pay you for life.

And that's why email can be so powerful for your business. And why not create an asset that you can control and generate commissions almost on demand!
This article was published on 23.08.2021 by Kevin Williams
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