5 Ways to Get Motivated

There are times when all of us have a slump in motivation.  Even Tony Robbins has a bad day every now and again.  There are days when having positive thoughts are difficult and no amount of motivation tapes, positive quotes or high energy music will not kick start you into action.  But I've learned 5 Ways to Get Motivated when you fall off the wagon. 

Set One Goal 

The reason I fall into a slump and can't get motivated sometimes is simply because I have too much going on.  We live in a world now where we have hundreds of number one priorities.  Simply put, no one can do it all simultaneously.  In order to clear your mind and restore focus, choose one goal and make that your complete focus.  It's difficult, but necessary.  After that one goal has been completed, no matter how small, you can move on to the next. 

Gain Inspiration from Success Stories

Sometimes you have to gain inspiration from the success of others.  There are so many people who have similar goals and aspirations.  The Internet is filled with examples of folks out there that are either going through the same thing or have accomplished the goal you have for yourself.  A simple search on Google will give you thousands, even millions of results of inspiring people that have achieved amazing things and shared their stories online.  

Build Momentum 

Many people skip this step and just jump right in once they have their goal identified.  But if you set a start date and mark it on the calendar, you build momentum and get excited about working on the goal that you've set for yourself.  I did this when I started my weight loss program and I believe it made all of the difference.  It also gives you the opportunity to write out your plan of attack and visualize success!  

Post Your Goal

Print out your goal and put it in a place where it cannot be ignored.  At that point you've made a commitment to yourself.  Don't allow that goal to be out of sight and out of mind.  Remember it doesn't have to be on your social media page or a screensaver on your computer, it just needs to be in a place where you hold yourself accountable.  

Get Rid of Negative Thoughts 

Check your negative thoughts.  Understand that negative self talk is probably part of the reason that you're in the slump to begin with.  After all of the positive steps that you are taking to get motivated, spend some time making yourself aware of negative thoughts and replace them with an opposite positive thought.  I can't can easily become I can.  Then, after your goal has been reached, I can turns into I did.  This in turn gives you the fuel to accomplish the next goal.  You can do it.  And with this formula, you're unstoppable! 

This article was published on 24.08.2016 by Claudia Hill
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