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I met an old nemesis how would you have reacted?

I met an old nemesis today the famous German Shepperd. Bearing in mind England was just knocked out by Germany at the time in the world cup. This was big business

As I walked down the narrow path, the wind blowing on my face and the smell of fish and chips dazzling in the presence, it appeared I was left with options

 2 options that stuck out

I can take off with speed like I did when I was younger when a German Shepperd bit my behind taking a chunk of my shorts and joggers while I managed the greatest escape

Or take on a direction

I took it on!! 

I did not stare so apparent in awe but was welcoming in my ora. The owner mentioned it will jump, It wasn't jumping but I signaled for the dog to allow it.  

After getting tangled in my charger and headphones wire it didn't seem to want to bother with me again.

I unplugged and asked the owner how old is he?

She replied it's a girl and told me a name which I thought was very boyish but you know stranger things are socially established anyway

Many times in life I used to ponder on a tough decision in society and then procrastinate what happens if I take the wrong direction I could get hurt

Funny thing is you'll find out quicker

It didn't take me 40 years to find out I had gone down the wrong direction and now I know better I'm on my way.

It's not going to take you 40 days to find out if these digital marketing tools can help you significantly save money while helping you position with authority online.  You get a 14 day trial to discover it's potential so just take it out for a test run

I was amazingly surprised at the ease of use for a beginner and when I didn't have time I could just delegate it to someone on Upwork who likes this stuff more than me. Over 4 million users are now positioned to even scale to 6 figures and beyond and I love seeing people win so that's awesome.

You belong involved my friend - Check it out here

This article was published on 30.05.2023 by Richard Asimba
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