Live Sports App Launching In Fall 2016

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to combine the thrill of watching a live game and calling the shots or the play by play action? Well, if you love sports and are addicted to exciting new Apps, then this is your chance to combine the two together.

Launching in the Fall, this is a Sports App that allows you to play along live with your favorite teams, favorite sports and favorite friends. Affiliates are paid when people share this App with acquire and/or play tokens. Tokens are the virtual game currency, allowing you to play certain aspects of the App. These tokens are acquired either by an in-app purchase, bundle purchasing, or by viewing sponsored advertisements.

Every Affiliate has the ability to share the App with others, inviting them to download the App and join in the fun. When they download the App from your invitation, that player will forever be linked to you. Each time any player that is linked to you acquires a token, you earn a commission. Tokens can be acquired one-at-a-time through in-app purchases, in discounted bulk purchases, or through monthly memberships. Tokens can also be paid for by Advertisers who offer you the chance to click on their Ad in exchange for those tokens.

This means that you not only get paid on the purchases from the people who you share the App with, but you also get paid on the purchases of the people they share with as well, as long as you are qualified to do so. Commissions can be earned up to nine (9) tiers down, based upon which zone you have unlocked in the commission plan.

Affiliates are financially rewarded for sharing the App and inviting people to play the games. What is easier than that?

If you don't want to be an Affiliate and just want to play the game, you can pre-register now so you can enjoy first pre-registered player benefits. When you do become an Affiliate, you can be both an Affiliate and a player.

If you are interested in this once in a lifetime App, please leave a comment or sent us an email and we will get you set up with your own exclusive code. You will then be able to sign people up on your downline with their own exclusive codes and so forth. This is going to be HUGE, so don't wait another minute, get your exclusive code now! Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have the best day ever!

Live Sports App Launching In Fall 2016

This article was published on 01.06.2016 by Tee Bogitini
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