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Powur is led by three people who are perceived to have a vast experience in business leadership in a span of over 20 years. This 3 core group includes; Jonathan Budd, the founder and CEO, Robert Styler, the co-founder and president of Powur and Andrea Budd who is the company CEO.

The three, led by Jonathan, have developed Powur, with a mission of ensuring a massive shift from what is commonly referred to as “dirty energy” to clean solar energy . Their mission is to to put solar panels on 2 million American homes by the year 2025.

The company is currently operational in 16 states in the United States, and it marks a very exciting shift, as it gives the power to entrepreneurs to unite and make a real difference in our society for years to come.

How Powur Operates 

The company uses direct marketing through peer- to- peer network marketing as a strategy to distribute solar systems to customers and generate income for its distributors. Solar panel distributors under the company are commonly referred to as Powur Solar Advocates. 

Powur does not directly sell solar panels, however, it has partnered with a leading company in the Solar Panel Industry, that you may have heard of, SolarCity.

This partnership with SolarCity allows Powur to distribute solar systems and pay a commission to solar advocates for referring solar panels and helping the world’s transition to clean bio-available energy.

To become a Powur solar advocate, one signs up on their online portal through a referral system. To get started just ask me for an invitation code. Or click here Powur Invite

A Massive Opportunity – Decentralizing the Energy Industry 

Through Powur, SolarCity is offering the generous opportunity of installing solar panels for qualified customers for FREE.

A qualified customer is someone in the 16 states where Powur operates. 

The huge monetary gains this opportunity presents, looks minute after the massive positive environmental impact created by solar energy sources, that will simultaneously take place.

Now you, the American homeowner, have the power. You have the power to upgrade your home to solar energy.

ZERO upfront installation costs 

ZERO longer term maintenance costs or responsibility

NO worries… just clean energy.

Right now, less than 1% of American homeowners have installed solar Powur energy systems. That means there are still about 48 million more homes that can go solar!

For $0 upfront investment, you can generate your own electricity from a solar Powur energy system.

Not only will it lower your electricity bill, solar is simply one of the smartest decisions a homeowner can make to save money and reduce the impacts of carbon emissions. Over two thirds of the homes in the United States can get their energy more cost effectively from solar than coal, and that’s not some distant future… it’s now. 

If you qualify for $0 down financing, the switch to solar is literally – FREE.

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This article was published on 18.10.2015 by Robin Robson
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