WITH JUST #1000 YOU CAN MAKE #2,5million in

3months. The platform is through PAID ROCKET. Register today and you will enjoyed it it

It is better than mmm which had made many

millionaires in this hard times. but I think is better

than mmm

And you start only with #1000. Getting rich is

easier now in Nigeria if only you will open your

eyes and join the moving train. My people let's

eradicate poverty from our society.


Once you register, you will be in level 0

To upgrade to level 1, you will pay your upline


After that, share your link to only 4 people to

register under you

only 4 people. But if you can't get 4 people. You

hv to wait for some days, the system will merge 4

people to you. All you need is initial 4 people. You

don't get any other person, the system will be

generating people for you.

Once the people you invited register, their first

payment goes to you

Then you hv #4000

For you to upgrade to level 2. From that #4000 u

made, the system merges you to someone you will

pay #2500

After payment call tbeson you paid to, to

confirm you. you will be upgraded to level 2.

The system will automatically merge 16 people to

pay 2500 in your bank account

Which is #40,000

Then u are in level 2

From that # 40k you will be required to pay your

upline #5000.

Then you enter level 3

The system merges 64 people who will pay #5000

each to your bank account.

Which gives you 320,000

From that 320,000 you will be required to pay

another person #10,000 to enter level 4. Then

system automatically gives you 256 persons who

will pay #10,000 each to your account.

You make 2.5million at this stage. Thats how it

keeps growing.

The program is so sweet. Participate in it. You will

never regret it. If you want to register, click any of

the link below. Please if you are not ready to make

payment of initial #1000 to your upline or referral

don't bother registering because the system will

delete your account after 72hours if you don't pay.


Log in to this website Or register today and you will smile you will not regret of joining the platform it is cheaper and beneficial 

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How it works


PaidRocket provides a low cost and simple opportunity for those new to internet marketing to join a program with no risk.

For most internet marketers, the number one priority when they first look for opportunities to participate in online is the chance to make money quickly and easily without any prior experience or know-how. The "PaidRocket", that`s what you need! With just $2 one-time purchase of our exclusive ebooks, self development materials, you can earn up to $111.328.



 The ability to generate huge profits by paying a ridiculous amount

 100% newbie friendly

 Results in 15 minutes

 Instant member-to-member payments

 A Resource center where anyone can download necessary ebooks and software, to be successful in online marketing


PaidRocket system is a 4x4 forced matrix. Get your 4 people in, teach them how to get their 4 in, and they teach their 4, so on and so forth. It is not rocket science to do this. If you follow the steps, YOU WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY! 

When you join PaidRocket you purchase a "Product pack 1", that is "Membership Level 1". Now you can promote your referral link, using pre-made ads, banners and links. Your task is to refer and teach four new members. The ridiculous payment of $2 makes recruitment very easy. You can buy new products (membership levels) at any time. 

Help your 1st level downline members to do the same. That is to find 4 new members each. So you will have 16 '2nd level' (tier) downline members. They will pay you for membership level 2 and 6. See the full payment chart below. 

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