Every 11 Minutes...a Woman Dies from Cancer.....Just from Products in her home!

Hello! My name is Latasha R Chubb, owner of Dependable Internet Solutions and Knowledge, LLC. I am also the Author of two books,"To Walk with Grace is to Run with God" and "This is How You Side Hustle: Volume I". We operate the Empowered to Work at Home Network. I am a graduate of Franklin University here in Columbus, Ohio with a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Class of 2006! In 2010 I was in a very bad car accident that left me temporarily disabled and unable to commute back and forth to work so I was really forced into working from home. Now back in 2010 it was a bit different in terms of the opportunities available so thanks to the timing of my accident, I’ve been able to test drive a lof the programs that are out here.  

I’ve done Avon, ZNZ, Project Payday, my husband I tried selling knives with Vector. When I could walk again, I was even knocking on doors getting people to let me see their gas and electric bills. I spent 4 years and hundreds if not thousands of dollars on just about every single work at home opportunity you could think of. I never had any formal training on working from home. I just had a empty belly and bills piling up! In 2014, I got lucky. I discovered Arise and my life nor my business have ever been the same since. So no I’m not an overnight success it took me a lot of time and money to get to where I am today and I want to hopefully share the things that I know are working well to save someone else a lot of time and money, and TRULY live the life they deserve. I’ve recently partnered with the world’s leading Health and Wellness Company, and I’m helping to make our home...the ones we live IN...and the ones we live ON...better for us ALL! 

Spend more time with family….save on commuting, protect your family’s health and wellness, and learn real skills! 

Every three minutes a woman is being diagnosed with cancer...

Every 11 minutes, a woman is dying...

Every 2 minutes someone is diagnosed with cancer...

Do you have ammonia, bleach, colgate, talcum powder, rubbing alcohol, hair dye in your home?


Johnson and Johnson had a 55 million dollar lawsuit just on Talc powder alone.  Think that's bad,  Herbal life, got fined over 200 million because they are an MLM. Our comapny is not!  We don't inventory, sell or touch people's products.  We get people to stop buying poisons. 70% of all cancers being diagnosed are coming from where? Do you know? Your home. That's coming from The American Cancer Society.

Last year alone, we did almost 1.5 billion, we are on pace to do 1.8 billion this year. myself and team members that i work with we are some of the fastest growing business owners in the industry.  

All the money that would have been paid to grocery stores and middleman get paid back to us in several ways.

This article was published on 31.08.2016 by Latasha Chubb
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