Get paid to wear luxury designer clothes

Shopping is fun BUT getting paid to shop is better.Ask me how and i will show you how to start your own designer mall and we will both get paid. Are you tired of living pay-cheque to pay-cheque. You have three choices! 1. Adjust "DOWN" your standard of lifestyle. 2. Increase your "DEBT" to maintain your lifestyle. 3. Find another "INCOME" stream to maintain or improve your lifestyle. If you are ready for number 3...Please join  Life Changing Webinars on Tuesday and Thursdays South african on the link below for more information

Benefits of your own business- 1)Luxury lifestyle:FERI.QPOSH and FERIMOSH, 2) Happiness is possible-74% of the wealthiest people got that way because they had their own business. 3) The cost of living “comfortably” rises every year by an average of 12% (Inflation).The average income only rises by 2% each year .The comfortable living gap is growing and will only get bigger and bigger if you don’t act now. 4)Prepares one for retirement.5)Recession proof industry ANNUAL GLOBAL FASHION INDUSTRY REVENUE is 1,200,000,000,000-Luxury Brands - $400 Billion (2014) LVMH Fashion - $38.9 Billion (2012) Gucci - $15.9 Billion (2011) . 6)Booming online industry sales-PROJECTED CONSUMER SPENDING ONLINE.Online sales expected to grow +25% every year for the next 5 years. Imagine the power of combining fashion, with the online sales industry.All you have to do is to tell others about your New business and Dazzling products.

We have three brands at Gwtcorp-POSH fashion jewelry,FERI luxury and FERI MOSH Ultra Luxe. POSH fashion jewelry is Ladies and men  fashion jewelry and timepieces line, $25 - $313.FERI luxury is 950 Siledium, Handbags, Murses, Timepieces, Shoes, Shields, Optical, Belts and other accessories. FERI MOSH Ultra Luxe is 19k Special Projects & Bridal, 21k, Prestige Collection, Exotics Collection and Opulence Wear. FERI is a favourite among many Hollywood celebrities. Celebs have been spotted wearing FERI designer lines on the Red Carpet, as well as in their everyday lives.FERI is a red carpet FAVORITE and is always being featured on TV and media-Emmys, Good morning America, Golden Gold awards and San Diego living.

The companys has bagged in few media accolades like Trade and business media, Fashion media and MLM Media.GWT and its brands are also featured in: American Business Journal Canadian Business Journal Canadian Jeweller Magazine Viva Internationale Magazine Network Marketing Business Journal Preferred Magazine Regard Magazine Networking Times Women of Wealth Magazine Prestige Magazine CityTV Special TIFF 2010 and 2011 Emmy Awards 2013 And many more.

This article was published on 12.10.2016 by Pumla Kiyane
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