How To Multiply Your Income Without Multiplying Your Work

There Are Many Kinds Of Income

People are paid differently depending on what they do for a living and what industry they are involved in.  In addition to that, there are also 4 main segments that everyone belongs to.

Most people are employees and what that means is they are paid in two ways.  Either they are paid by the hour or they are a salaried employee.  There are several negatives associated with being an employee.  First, it is your boss, not you, that determines how much you are paid, either hourly or weekly.  That being the case, the only way for you to increase your income is to work more hours and get paid overtime.  That may be a solution for the short term, but a steady diet of overtime can have physical and psychological over the long term.

Sales People Have Their Own Way of Getting Paid  

Things are different people who are involved in commission sales.

They are neither paid by the hour or by the week like employees, but rather are paid a commission when they sell something.  If they don't make sales, they don't get paid.

There are a  number of moving parts that determine your results in the sales industry.  The first factor is the percentage of commissions you are paid and secondly, what is the average sales price of the items you sell.

Some sell high ticket products or services like in real estate, where the average sale price is high, while the commission percentage is relatively low.  Others sell low-cost items and the commission percents can be higher.

There are those who will tell you that with sales, you have total control over how much money is on the table.  But when you take a deeper dive, that is really not the case.  The reason is that while you can increase your income by simply making more sales, there are elements that restrict your ability to make more sales.

The biggest factor is time or the lack of it.  There are 24 hours in the day and unless you are a robot, you can't work 24 hours.  So time restricts your ability to make more sales.  So unless you can clone yourself, there is not much you can do to overcome that obstacle.

Sales people do have a choice as to what industry they choose to participate in and thus the selling price of what they sell and the commission percent as well.  But the idea that sales offer you an unlimited income opportunity is not valid.

Linear Or Residual Income - The Big Difference

But this is where the rubber really hits to the road when it comes to work and income.

When we talked about employees and sales, we were, in fact, talking about something called 'Linear Income'.  It's a cause and effect thing that goes like paid, work-get paid, work-get paid.  Work an hour get paid, work a week, get paid or make a sale-get paid.  If you stop working you stop getting paid.

Contrast that with Residual Income.  Instead of work-get paid, it works like paid-get paid-get paid-get paid.  You work one time and get paid multiple times over and over again and again.  You can even stop working and continue to get paid.

It's been proven that 95% of the wealth that is created comes from people involved in passive income rather than employees or salespeople who are involved in linear income.

 How Leverage Can Produce Huge Results

Many if not most business owners work by themselves.  Unfortunately, as we mentioned earlier, time restricts how much we can get done each day.

That is why leverage is so important.  J. Paul Getty was one of the great business builders or all time and became super wealthy.  He was also very famous for saying something as has become an anthem for those who believe in leverage.  What he said was this...

"I would rather be paid 1% from the efforts of 100 people than 100% of my own efforts"

What Is The Ideal Business Structure?

So is there an ideal combination of income systems that give everyday people the best chance of creating more income with the burden of working more hours?

Well if you were to design the perfect mixture of income-producing models, what would it look like.  Well, it probably would not include the employee or sales models.  There are just too many obstacles and restrictions involved in those systems to allow people to grow their income.  

However, there is one part of sales that I would include.  Commissions.  But not just any commissions, but rather 100% commissions.

If you think that is too good to be true, it is very true and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are taking advantage.

I would also incorporate a way to get paid those 100% commissions not just once, but over and over, month after month residually.

And finally, it would also include leverage.  The ability to earn 100% commissions not just for your own efforts, but from the efforts of many.

If you leave any of these pieces out, you are leaving lots of money on the table.  Fortunately, a group of marketing insiders has created a system that integrates all of those powerful ingredients into one unique platform.  CLICK HERE to see why entrepreneurs are dropping everything to get in on this.

This article was published on 18.04.2019 by Tony Blum
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