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A very bold statement (and much over used phrase,) I know, but LiveGood such a company.

Here's a fact. I used to be heavily involved with 2 MLM companies (both household names,) many moons ago.

They were extremely good to me over eight years, making me a high six figure some in each. I was able to build massive downlines (before computers were popular,) but I became very disillusioned with the industry as a whole, mainly because of two points, which you can probably relate to.

1.) Unless you joined at the beginning, it became increasingly difficult to make substantial sums.

2.) The products (whatever they were,) were becoming far too expensive for anyone except distributors, looking to achieve rank progression. (Hence mandatory AUTO DELIVERY.)

Anyway, I left it all behind & contrasted my efforts in the IM sector... Fast forward to a call from my good friend, and fellow IM star Jeff, who introduced me to a company called LiveGood. A company that was breaking the mold, as far as quality & pricing of products, the model with which they are marketed, & the method of compensation for those who join.

You see, LiveGood have adopted the same pricing model as Costco, to distribute its products. Members pay a low, monthly membership fee... BUT... are then able buy/distribute the products at "rock bottom" prices. 

This particular model allows distributors to not only use the products, BUT also sell them too , but only If they wish.

The method of compensation is UNIQUE, as far as I can see, and it allows distributors who join whenever, to earn substantially... >> Check out the Company, Products & Compensation plan here. <<

The company offers a FREE TRIAL where you are able to see your network literally growing before your eyes BEFORE you join, but the faster you join the better, because ALL who join later, will be placed under you.

So, to recap... You get paid multiple ways, depending on your level of commitment, and you'll benefit from team members above you too.

As far as I'm concerned, this company addresses ALL the issues that plagued the industry for many years, and led me back to the industry that I previously loved so much.

I invite you take the tour & then join me. I know that you'll be as happy as I am?

Remember... You'll be part of a knowledgeable team of HIGH earners!

>> Go here NOW and check it out yourself <<

Massage me back if you have ANY questions!

This article was published on 15.01.2023 by Graham Mills
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LiveGood - Health & Nutrition, 49.95 USD to join

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