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by Karen Parrish , published 30.09.2019
My name is Karen Parrish and I am a Project Manager and have been in healthcare for over 30+ years. In 2013, I was a victim of identity theft and needed to prove that I didn’t have over $10,000 worth of medical bills and tons of credit card debt. I needed legal representation and needed it quickly. At the time, I wasn’t aware of Legal Shield. Realistically speaking, I wish I did. There were so many sleepless nights because I didn’t know how I was going to clear my name and get back my great credit. Continue reading →

Unleash your entrepreneur smashing, career boosting and nailing finance HERO in you!I have achieved a level of success over the previous 5 months, I am looking for ambitious and like minded people to partner with who have an understanding and appreciation of health, wellness and beauty, and want to make a change to their wellbeing and lifestyle. I invite you to join our team in our mission to help others to achieve their dreams and live a happier and healthier life. Continue reading →

Hello, please do not message me on here I dont have any credits. Message me at my Email at read the following sorry so long, this is not a scam, we are a legit company! I want to be fair and tell you everything that is involved instead of telling you that you can just sign up and make money. Thats not how business's are run. There are 3 Major things you need before joining. Continue reading →

If you’ve been waiting and dragging your feet getting into the cannabis industry NOW IS THE TIME. Hempworxis launching 5 new CBD products in just four short days. Along with our product line expanding we are launching two Brands that are not CBd related! These brands will be Globally offered. This is a ground floor opportunity x2!! Click for the ��Opportunity of a lifetime. We have a tried and true business structure. Continue reading →

by Yelitsa Mullen, published 30.09.2019
Join the only hair and skin care company in the market with anti aging benefits. When you join Monat you are opening the doors to new opportunities, new beginnings and a world full of empowered women. September is the last month to join Monat and be in the list for 2 shares of the company. What does that mean? It means that when you get to that rank ( is not difficult at all if you put your mind and body to it) you would be receiving a check for the rest of your life. Continue reading →

by Rockit N Rebel, published 30.09.2019
I was in hyper-productive mode.Furiously cranking out emails and coming up with ideas almost faster than I could write them down before they disappeared forever into The Dumpster Of Great Ideas Nobody Will Ever See.I got a warning.It popped up in the right-hand corner of my laptop screen. "Your computer will shut down if not connected to a power supply". Dang.I got up, retrieved my power block, plugged it in, and connected it to my MacBook Pro. Continue reading →

by Rockit N Rebel, published 30.09.2019
It's impossible to sell something."Whaaaaat?!"You heard me. You can't sell anyone on anything. No idea, product, or service was ever sold.Before you go on an internal rant about how I don't know what I'm talking about and work yourself up into a frenzy over it, let me elaborate.Here's an old saying that will help clarify what I'm talking about."A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. Continue reading →

by Tony Chavis, published 30.09.2019
I am finding that most join the entrepreneurial world of Home Based Business to either make more money or to share a product or service they find useful. Either way, we all need the same thing once the choice is made. We need leads, customers, list, platforms, and it is always nice to have your email reflective of your efforts. I tell most that I know to look at their efforts in another light. Continue reading →

Positioning is Everything and you are at the right place at the right time. While this nutrition based start up is in pre launch the cost is $49. Mark Sterling has come out of retirement sought by this company particularly for his leadership abilities. along with Kevin Harris have a lengthy track record staying with 1 company and have proven success in the MLM space and the companies they have built. Continue reading →

by Prakash Kunjeer, published 29.09.2019
When was the last time you took real vacation? Chances are that you have not.Vacation is good for you. Why must you take time off when you are stressed? Take time off for vacation to enjoy. It is good for your mind and wealth. By the way, it is just good for everyone.Noting that vacations are good for everyone, but most folks can’t seem to take vacations. What if you can show them that take vacations at super discounted price and feel good as well as make some money. Continue reading →

by Siyabonga Manatha, published 29.09.2019
Hey there, bet you haven't heard of CROWD1 yet well you are about to. Just ring me up and we'll connect and I'll explain how from just €99 worth of investment can make you a fortune.Sounds too good to be true right?, I know that's what I thought but I'm in and I'm happy about it. So do the right thing too, we in this to win!!.I'll send all the info you need to know about Crowd1 and testimonial videosSee you soon. Continue reading →

by Carmen Oakley, published 29.09.2019
I’m expanding my business in the United States. Are you living pay check to pay check with your Just Over Broke JOB? Looking to live life by design not by default? Then we need to chat. text me 903-306-8045I’m a Pure Romance consultant. I love the sisterhood, I love what the business has done for my family, I love the high quality and luxury items. You can choose work only online, you can choose to not sell at all and only enjoy the deep discounts, you can decide to only sell to friends and family, you can decide to only sell at vendor events, it’s totally up to you because it’s your business. Continue reading →

by David Ingham, published 29.09.2019
Best cryptocurrency to invest in The future is bright, I am excited about crypto currencies and Blockchain technology, what are your thoughts about the future of crypto currencies? Where do you think we will be in the next Five years? What will be the best cryptocurrency to invest in? New crypto currencies and ICO’s are launching almost weekly, but there could be some risks if you are not careful, always do your research and if you get promised big returns make sure you are not getting scammed out of your money. Continue reading →

by Mikhail Ikpoma, published 29.09.2019
INFORMATION HOLDS THE VITAL KEY TO YOUR FINANCESInformation holds the greatest power to transformation on Earth. Every human can attain his needs if he has the right information at his disposal. The world is being bombarded in every one second with millions of information. They call it information explosion.In this age of information, we need people’s experience to verify the authenticity of every business claim. Continue reading →

by Adekunle Israel , published 29.09.2019
NEOLIFE, it's not just a Business, it's a Tremendous opportunity that's deal's about the journey of Success.NEOLIFE Started in the year 1958 At USA California, By Our Founder, Mr Jerry BrieSuccess.It's later proceed to South Africa in the Year 1971,Likewise Ghana As well, It's Now later Came into Nigeria, in the year, 2001.In Life, we can never become Successful, simply because we have the right qualification, We can only become successful, by accosted ourselves to those, who knows the Way about Success. Continue reading →

KLFCoin is the first Uganda-based cryptocurrency.KLF Coin originates from South Korea and its build on the Block-chain Technology and backed by KL Standard micro-finance limited.KLF Coin is the only cryptocurrency that's fully incorporated in Uganda.U can also get a loan using KLF COINS as CollateralOne ( 1) KLFCOIN=$0.05 AND OUR pre-sale period is 18 months and our projected prince after the pre-sale period will be $1* Starter package for $65 receiving 1200 KLFCoins next year your account will be worth $1200(usd) after "18 months ''*Bronze package for $205 receiving 4000 KLFcoins next year your account will be worth $4000(usd) after "18 months''*Silver package for $505receiving 10000 KLFcoins next year your account will be worth $10000(usd) after ''18 months''*Gold package for $1005 receiving 20000 KLFcoins next year your account will be worth $20000(usd) after ''18 months''*Platinum package for $3005 receiving 60000 KLFcoins next year your account will be worth $3000(usd) after ''18 months''*Diamond package for $7005 receiving 140000 KLFcoins next year your account will be worth $7000(usd) after''18 months'' *Premium package for $13005 receiving 260000 KLFcoins next year your will be worth $13000(usd) after ''18 months''*Crown package for $25005 receiving KLFcoins next year your account will be worth $25000(usd) after''18 months''NB. Continue reading →

by Lorraine Farquharson, published 29.09.2019
Hello everyone my name is Lorraine and I work full time and have an online business alongside as I want to retire early and make an income that is residual. I have tried network marketing before but it was not the right time for me. However now I am mid 50’s and do not want to work in a conventional job until retirement for me which is currently 67 years of age. I looked for a new network marketing company and have found what I consider to be the best with the best compensation plan so let me tell you more about it. Continue reading →

by Peter Slimmons, published 29.09.2019
im looking for 10-20 people who are interested in helping people to achieve a healthy lifestyle through the best nutrition on the planet. we are a compony that's been around for 40 years so well established. weather its to lose weight gain weight gain lean muscle mass, or just a heathy nutritious diet to improve there health for the long term. we do all this as well as sport nutrition for those who need a little extra power in there nutrition. Continue reading →

by Rockit N Rebel, published 29.09.2019
"Taking massive action is a key principle of success!"The goo-rues and the 'me too!' marketers trumpet this drivel from the rooftops.But anyone who takes 2 seconds to think about it can see right through this type of feel-good-but-don't-get-anything-done BS.There's a buttload of this crap floating around, and I've made it my personal mission to debunk it wherever I find it.Why?Because people who fall for this whitewash like I did (yes, I fell for it too) will waste years of their productive lives and thousands of dollars running around in circles. Continue reading →

by Taylor Bloom, published 29.09.2019
Hi everyone! First and foremost, my name is Taylor Bloom and i am 25 years old. I would like to give a warm welcome everyone and to let them know about my business that i have just newly started. The name of it is Le-Vel. Most people may have heard about it. It's a company that has been rapidly growing and becoming more and more popular. I have recently tried the products for myself and fell in love with them. Continue reading →

by Michelle Hugee, published 29.09.2019
Do you know around 79% of the population suffers from damaged credit and are in some form of debt and not only does this affect them personally but it also affects the overall economy. Let's be honest having poor credit in America is equivalent to two men walking in a department store,one is dressed in a suit very neatly dressed and the other walks in dressed in shabby clothing looking a little rough. Continue reading →

My name is Donna Ryan, I'm a Team Leader and Independent Organiser for Usborne Books at Home. I started my business as a sideline to my previous job back in November 2017 and have loved every minute of it. I promoted to Team Leader in December 2018 and love mentoring and supporting others to achieve their goals.I am a wife and Mum to 3 boys who love books! I love books too so for me this opportunity made perfect sense! Continue reading →

What’s up what’s up? My name is Derrick Coleman. I am married with five kids and five grandkids. I have been looking for a online business for around two years now. I’ve lost money and wasted lots of time with a lot of these so called great opportunity’s . But I knew that there was some good money making at home office that delivers out there. So I started to attend webinars watching YouTube channels to learn about marketing online. Continue reading →

This is your Uber moment!! I know I didn't get a call or announcement about getting in on that deal. Ibuumerang is changing the industry with it's philosophy of we send out good will in the form of a booking site to customers and earn money when the save!! This is unheard of!!! There are multiple ways to save and earn with travel being our foundation. We recently announced the purchase of Vibe Ride our own rideshare company, and Ibuummobile cell phone service which will both be launching very soon. Continue reading →

by Dawn Epting, published 29.09.2019
Yes You Can is so powerful especially when you team up with a mentor who has proven success record and partner with a company that believes you can too; They are Changing The Future Outcome so they allow you to join for FREE!!!Long gone are the days where you have to harass anyone to join your business, hotel meeting presentations, or upline withholding info from you so you don’t rank up.Our system is so simple and easy you will have prospects lining up for this amazing opportunity. Continue reading →


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