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There's been a trend in financial services (#finserv) marketing for the past 10+ years.

This trend has been driven by demographics, societal change, technology and pop culture.

Demographics - more and more of adults are people who can't remember before cloud. 

Societal change - Boomers are dying, Millennials are arising. The GenX, GenY, … are somewhere between

Technology - the phone in your pocket has more processing power, storage and connectivity than the computers that sent man to the moon. Technology is so ubiquitous that it cannot be avoided. Many agencies have learned that, the hard way, in the past year.

Pop culture - your daddy insisted on "doing business face to face", you can swing either way, your grandson would rather not

COVID-19 forced many of the people, in the financial industry, to stop dragging their feet and embrace these trends. There are still many in the industry who cannot differentiate between a virtual agency and telesales.

Eight years ago some visionary men saw this future and seized it. They spent a lot of blood, sweat, tears and money in building the platform that enables fully virtual delivery of financial services.

That platform can be your ticket to generational wealth - wealth you can leave to your children and they to theirs and ...

That platform can allow you to own and manage a continent-wide network of financial services agencies. And, you don’t have to become a financial geek, unless you want to.

The platform is of little value without products and services to market through it. Those same men, who saw the technology future, had decades of industry experience and were careful not to build a store with nothing on the shelves. The platform is integrated with over 200 top firms, providing over 500 products and services.

That world-class collection of products and services are of little value without an equally world-class collection of agents. Those same visionaries leveraged their decades of industry experience to create an environment which attracts and supports top people in the industry with compensation, mentoring, tools and opportunities unmatched in today’s industry. 

Those top people who are attracted are not sufficient to leverage the massive opportunity of today’s financial industry. The platform and it’s associated business and human infrastructure must attract and nurture people new to the industry in order to grow as we must. It must attract young people and “encore” people - those starting their second or third career - and it does.

If you are someone who wants to own a business which can generate and maintain generational wealth - lifetime wealth for you and for your descendants - Virtual Financial Group is that business.

If you are someone who wants to be a business owner without needing to be a financial guru - Virtual Financial Group is that business.

If you are someone who wants to be a financial guru without needing to manage a business - Virtual Financial Group is that business.

Here's my home page: 

There's videos and an e-book and you can schedule an interview to see if you qualify 

This article was published on 26.02.2021 by Les Dunaway
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