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When it comes to starting a home business, few people think about getting involved in a network marketing home business. But, that needn't be the case any longer. A network marketing home business is an ideal way to use your business experience and expertise, and start a successful marketing business venture from the comfort of your own home.Network marketing home businesses are also known as MLM businesses, or multilevel marketing businesses. There are numerous recognizable brand names that fall in the genre of network marketing businesses. The most popular brands are Mary Kay cosmetics, Tupperware and Amway. Getting involved in a network marketing home business usually involves a small upfront fee for products and supplies, and the success of the business is then up to you, the salesperson. You earn commission on the sales you make, and you have the potential to make as much as you want. Often in a network marketing home business, the key to success is in the business name: networking. Networking is the act of meeting and greeting people and telling them what your business is all about. It is absolutely crucial, in a successful network marketing home business to get off the couch, get off into the neighborhood and network with as many people as you possibly can. Good networking is the most important aspect in starting your business off on the right foot. 

Network marketing home businesses require relatively little startup capital, and can be a great way to make money, meet new people and refine your sales and marketing skills

Want to be a mega-earner in network marketing? You'll need these three qualities: Leadership, Innovation, and Commitment.

Network Marketing rewards its leaders handsomely. The leaders are the ones who are willing to hold conference calls, offer their homes for meetings, or become corporate trainers. Leaders help and teach others how to be successful (regardless if they are downline, crossline, or in another opportunity). 

In this 297 Club Review I’ll reveal what you MUST know before purchasing this software bundle.

In addition, I'll share with you a video on how you can leverage my page 1 ranked blog to get qualified so you can be on your way to making $200 cash! 

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. The 297 Club is a collection of software you will own. The software scrapes phone numbers from the net or directories. These are targeted phone numbers that you can then use to send out recorded messages to.

What can you do with these leads? Reverse market to targeted list you create. Then use the system to contact those leads.

Reverse marketing involves contacting a business that is advertising on the internet and selling them your product or service.

The majority of people who use the products contained in the club are network marketers and affiliate marketers. Why would you want to contact another network marketer to pitch them your opportunity?

The sad and simple fact is that this industry is composed of newbies who every 90 days are either failing with their work-at-home business or looking for a new business to get into because they’re current one isn’t working.

The great thing about these leads is that they don’t have to be sold on the industry (work from home). What they really desire is to know how to make it work.

That’s where you come in riding on a white horse with the solution. What’s your solution?

You can help get them leads for free! Everyday of the month.

No more spending hundreds a month for leads that often cost $5 – $8 a piece.

You’ll be able to teach them to use a simple suite of tools to collect specific and targeted leads of prospects who are anxious to have what you have: an endless supply of leads!

Let’s take a look at the software that comes with the club.

The 297 Club Software Suite

Go Scraper: Extract Email addresses, names, phone numbers and faxes! -Filter by category (for example, “Services”) -Filter by sub-category (for example, “Sm Biz Ads”) -Filter by keyword and phrase matching.

AP Scraper: This tool works in a completely different way of harvesting phone numbers from Extracts phone numbers and address from, Includes all states, major cities and Canadian provinces

Net Extractor: Main features: -Extract Email addresses, names, phone numbers and faxes! -Filter by category (for example, “Services”) -Filter by sub-category (for example, “Sm Biz Ads”) -Filter by keyword and phrase matching.

Biz Scraper: Extracts business names, phone numbers and addresses from – Includes all states, major cities and Canadian provinces – Training videos and excellent support – All Categories Included – Simple process anyone can understand – Prints mailing labels

Record and Send. Record a quick message to be used in a voice broadcast.

Get The 297 Club

Another bonus that comes with the 297 Club is a done for you voice broadcasting service. Here’s how it works:

You scrape the leads and save them as a CSV file.

Record a message that directs the prospect to your website (save as mp3)

Send the CSV file and Mp3 file to the included voice broadcasting service and they do the rest. Just pay for minutes.

You’ll have swarms of prospects listenting to your message and visiting your websites and becoming opt-ins for you. This way you build your own list and make sales of your products/services. Of course you can also sell the 297 Club as an affiliate

297 Club Compensation Plan

It’s simple. The program costs $297. It’s a one time fee. You own all of the products. $97 is an admin fee and $200 goes to the affiliate who shared the information with you.

You passup your first sale and keep the rest. After your first passup, everyone who bring on owes you there first sale; thus you create what’s called in the biz – a powerline that goes to infinity = residual sales.

This article was published on 07.09.2016 by Michael Fuentes
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