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The BEST way to get the sales online is in the message.

Its in the consistent and authentic message that is unapologetically told to the world in a big loud, authentic voice.

I am Min and I have worked with women business owners for years, teaching them to be their own brand and to call in their true tribe through their messaging on social media. My clients gain confidence, get over their fears, and sometimes get over themselves. They learn to put themselves forward and boldly be the voice and the face of their business.

The way that marketing used to work was that we would throw as much money as we could at an advertising agent and they would create a generic, vanilla, ad that was often over thought and strategized to within an inch of its life. Then they would throw it out to the world, daisy cutter fashion, and hold their breath. Then they would HOPE that somewhere along the line, it hit the ‘right’ target.

Things are a little different today with a more savvy consumer base and the technology to educate ourselves at every step of the sales process. This has led us to where we are now where people have a tendency to buy from people and companies that they TRUST.

This is where Min comes in. I teach about drawing people to you on social media, through your messaging. Then they key is to build relationship and a sense of belonging and community with your followers. When they begin to relate and trust you…the the sale follows.

I help my ladies find their message and their voice and teach them through mindset work how to get on with it and do the world regardless of the fear that they feel about being exposed or putting themselves out in a vulnerable way for the world to see.

My work has led me to recently sign up with Nerium as my business and finance industry experience leads me to believe that this is just too good of an opportunity to let pass me by. I am excited to see where this new business will lead me as it sits alongside my existing online business.

I would love to see some of you gorgeous ladies over on my Facebook page or on my website. I offer so much in the way of free training and advice, please get over there and help yourself.

This article was published on 03.10.2016 by Min Giannini
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