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My goal for 2016 is helping 100 families attain life changing income  and that journey is beginning.  I hope you are one of those families.  If your business did not get you the income you wanted in 2015 or if you jumped from program to program then I strongly encourage to make a change in 2016.  I pledge my service to anyone who wants to make a difference in 2016.  Please read below for our opportunity and how to get started if you are ready for a change.

My criteria for the new business was very simple and not based on flash or hype because if you haven't figured it out by now...flash and hype don't guarantee any sort of success in this industry.  These are the reasons why I chose Anovite (  )  as our team business:

    Must have a proactive owner with experience.  Our owner, Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith is the worlds foremost expert on Colostrum and his company Immune Tree does business worldwide.  He is backed by 2 decades of research and retail sales.  Dr. Kleinsmith is very focused on helping every distributor and knows that he must provide us with all of the tools necessary to succeed and he is doing so...great things to come.

    Must be room for growth.  Dr. Kleinsmith is getting ready for his official pre-launch of our chosen company Anovite so our market is not over saturated and or team is positioned very high in this company.  I and a couple of our team members are founders in this company and we work with Dr. Kleinsmith daily as we prepare for our official Pre Launch

    The infrastructure must be in place to ensure smooth transactions.  Most new companies have growing pains due to production/shipping/support,  Anovite does not have these issues other than an occasional delay for shipping due to the fact that the infrastructure is already in place for Immune Tree who supplies our product line.

    Fair and easy to work compensation plan.  If our team is built in a 2 X 2 fashion with everyone on the minimal 50BV autoship our pay plan is very lucrative.  You only need 2 personal referrals to max out the plan and our team will help you to get your 2 referrals if you are on active autoship.  If you were to get your 2 referrals in your first month and those 2 get their 2 the next month and so on...your monthly residual income would be $20,000.00 per month by the time month 12 comes around.  That does not include all of the bonuses you would receive along the way.  These are not fictitious numbers.  I worked them out on a spreadsheet and can show you.

    Must have an effective and affordable product line.  This product line has been sold under the Immune Tree label for years and is backed up by science and research and over 130 independent editorials written.  These can all be found here:   Our products are certified and ranked #1 in class by associates of Cornell University so we have Ivy League approval.  Immune Tree sells their products at full retail in over 40 countries.  Anovite sells the same product line but at a 26-40% discount and we have an income earning opportunity attached.

Our product line:

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This article was published on 16.03.2016 by Joe Woods
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