7 Tips To Increase Youtube Video Views

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You already know that video marketing is a very powerful way to get leads and signups. But are you having any success with getting people to actually watch or see your videos?

Here are 7 tips to increase your views on your next Youtube marketing video - 

1. Staying consistent with uploading new content will indeed increase your views, likes, favorites, and subscribers. The more often you are adding new material to Youtube, the more often Youtube will "offer" your video to their viewers. Just this one tip alone will be enough to eventually reach a huge following on Youtube, and this tip also needs to be used with the other strategies.

2. Add your video to a new blog post that follows the same content. Adding the videos to as many pieces of content you can is important. When people read your blog, press release, business announcement or guest post, they are most likely going to watch the video.

3. Run a sponsored video ad from time to time. When you have a good video, you can run it on Youtube like an ad. This will mean that your video is showing to anyone who searches for information similar to what the video is about. Also, this will get more subscribers as well, and people watching other videos on your channel.

4. Load your Youtube video to a Facebook post, then boost the post. Spreading this video over another network where several viewers are at. The more money you decide you can spend on promoting this video the better the video will do. So you decide on the amount to boost.

5. Now you can load your video to social sharing sites. Keep the views to a low amount each day since the time they are watched is usually around 15 to 30 seconds. You want mostly entire viewings of your video for it to rank higher on Youtube. Set the amount to about 100 views total as well, so it will stop getting views this way. I've seen these sites help get small keyword videos ranked much faster.

6. Create a Facebook post (can be same as boosted post), along with a tweet, Google Plus post, and Linkedin post. The more status updates the better. Then you can load those updates to social sharing sites as well without getting direct views on your video. People watching the video now will be seriously interested in it.

Consider writing a Linkedin article, business announcement, press release and as many pieces of content you can to also promote with video in it. Anything that contains the video in it, needs to be pushed across the internet.

7. Now before you even create the video, you can do keyword research to find the keywords least searched. By doing this it gives your video the best chances of instant search engine ranking. Create the title of the video based on the keyword that has 10 - 100 searches a month if possible. Along with the other tips and this tip, your video will be very high in all search engines helping rake in several organic, real views every month. 

Did These Tips Help?

If you got any new ideas, or these 7 tips helped you to get more views to your videos, please be sure to leave a comment below, and share on your favorite social platform.

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This article was published on 05.10.2016 by Jaye Carden
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