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They just released a demo video of the game. Check it out:

What an amazing event they just had in Las Vegas. The energy and enthusiasm were at peak capacity and they had so many people there you could barely move, but they accomplished their goals. Those in attendance got to see for themselves what this app is going to look like and got a lot of details about the plan moving forward.

This is a game! Throughout the weekend they reiterated many times that United Games is an app development company, building a sports game, and they are offering an affiliate marketing channel.

The way it works is this: A player can download the app for free. Turn on the TV and play along with the game on the television. The affiliate program allows average people to get involved in the next billion dollar app essentially breaking into this tight knit invitaion only closed club of app inventors. United Games believes there is a better way to play. If you're in the stands at the game eating a hot dog or at home on the couch with a bowl of chips, you can play the game and it's free.

These apps have a viral nature - they are fun to play and there is an educational component that allows beginners, experts and pros to play. So those that don't understand the game can learn.

Some very credible people here in town think this sports app is a potential monster. Check the e-mail I sent my friend in Toronto below. Explains a lot. Celebrities and athletes are on board with this.

Once again here is the link:

A letter to a friend in Toronto.

Hey Nolan, After I talked to you I sent this to Owen... I just sent you an e-mail invite to this new mobile sports app that's launching in the Fall. It could be huge. People playing along on app as football,baseball, basketball and hockey games are on TV. They think this can blow up like Pokemon. They have 700,000 preregistered affiliates and players.

I would never do something like this but a bunch of people you know think this thing is a monster. It's a one time $29.95 affiliate fee (which goes up to 39 bucks at the end of the month) and $9.95 to run it per month. The way I look at it we're making a $40 bet to take a shot. If its garbage we get out. Marco is going to do it. With your following you can get a mini army to do this. You make money in perpetuity off your affiliates and players that sign up below you. Take a look at the presentation. Hey, Mark Sanders believes in it. that works for me. I signed up last week and now have 72 people on board. There could be some serious money in this. You never know. The invite I sent you expires in 72 hours.

This article was published on 07.09.2016 by Andrew Wise
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