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Human Adult Stem Cell Technology - What do you know about it?

Welcome! I may be like many of you reading this article, developing a business, although for me I am currently working in my "anytime" business and working towards completely living life on MY terms, however, if you don't have your health, then what do you have? We often spend too much time neglecting our health and our financial future, and sadly, we suffer. That was me. Three years ago, in my mid 40's, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This life change has inadvertently led me to what I do today, after 23 years in education, due to the discovery of Jeunesse Global. I entered this journey as a customer because of the scientific innovation behind the products and understanding how effective adipose stem cell technology could help me. I became excited with my new knowledge. Then I got to thinking, that this would help so many people in my circle and my business began, purely from a heart centred position.  I am now a product of the products and through networking with like minded and open individuals, I no longer work educating children, but educate, share and help others do what I do on a global scale. I travel, feel renewed, enjoy more quality time with my family, am less stressed and love what I do. My financial future looks secure with a residual income, especially considering the current global economy. This legacy company is unlike any other, breaking record, after record. With exclusive science, Nobel Medical Prize nominees, globally unique anti-ageing products that DO work, it is not surprising that Jeunesse reached the $1.1 Billion USD in sales, 2015. The FIRST DSA company to do so in only 6 years! The success for this company has come from that simple truth that the products, both skin care and nutritional, actually work and have changed the lives of many AND that the privately owned, debt free company, gives back to its members. Everyone has an opportunity to grow. It is like anything, a positive approach will give you positive results. What have you got to lose? How often do you say "one day.....". What if that day never comes for the things that you want? My simple "YES" to my friend 14 months ago has changed my life. I didn't realise that being open to new experiences would be so exciting.  I ultimately backed myself! Awarded a Top Distributor in Western Australia for 2015, and recently published as one of 16 Inspirational Women in Western Australia, I am certainly qualified in this business. So, let's connect, so that I can share with you more exciting information...NO obligation, of course! Regards, Leah

This article was published on 01.04.2016 by Leah Rando
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