Creating a residual income by investing in people!

"Independent Entrepreneurs of the 21st Century"

Why is it that I am so enthusiastic about this business concept? Through this note I want to give you the summary of my perspective, the fuel for my passion.

“Why” – why are we, am I, doing this, what is the deeper reason behind all of it? This business concept facilitates a life-style based on freedom. A situation where time and income are available for you to live your life as you want to live it. 

“How” – how are we doing this, how do we make this happen? We are all individual entrepreneurs who stand shoulder-to-shoulder in building and maintaining a network of like-minded people. Everyone in the network shares the drive to personally achieve his/her goals and at the same time support each other in achieving their goals. The strength of the network is based on individual commitment and action.

“What” – is it that we move to provide energy to this network, to make the net work:

Auto-consumption of a product: everyone in the network orders/uses on a monthly basis for him/herself a unique health product.

Reward model: the company providing the product gives 64% of it’s financial turnover back into the network by way of residual income for the participants in the network

Support – as network of entrepreneurs, two parties globally support us:

• 4Life is the company providing the ‘What’

o A Reward model allowing to grow your income to the level you want and make it residual

o A globally patented unique product portfolio, bringing intelligence to the immune system

• The International Networkers Team (INT) is providing the “How” 

o The global platform, methodology and infrastructure to develop and maintain our network. 

• Both are through their mission committed to the ‘Why’ 

 What does it take – to become this Independent Entrepreneur of the 21st century? 

• Getting the license: a once off start-investment of + $500,- (life-long worldwide license, access to all new reward/product developments, including a kit of 13 products worth in itself over $600,-) 

• Monthly fixed investment: around $100 – receiving 2 products for auto-consumption. This investment will never increase, irrespective the turnover/income you build.

In summary, what is in it for me – to be an Independent Entrepreneur of the 21st century? 

• Freedom – a system working for me (rather then me working for a system) 

• Lifestyle – the possibility to live the life I want to live – for me and my beloved ones 

• Time – access to and control over my time 

• Residual Income – the network I build generates through commission a constant monthly income, at a level as I want/need it and transferable over generations 

• Health – excellent support of my health 

• A Network – I am independent while people stand shoulder-to-shoulder with me 

• A Method – knowledge and experience how to be(come) successful.

This article was published on 25.07.2016 by Griet Baelus
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