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H2i is a global NGO with the vision to Touching Lives & Empowering People. The services of H2i include;- Humanitarian services, Skills Acquisition, Scholarship award, Housing Loan , Business Loan, (free interest loan), Empowerment of members and Helping the less privileged in the society. All these services are offered FREE with a simple donation of $40 for anyone who aspire to become a member or partner of H2i.

Helping hands international has a proven online platform that allows members and partners to operate wherever they may be in the world. All the services of H2i are 100% FREE. This is how it works;-

Stage 1: Donate $40 and become a member or partner. Refer 2people directly under you and earn $(8+8)=$16 referrals bonus plus $10 matrix bonus =$26. Or you refer 6people directly $8*6=$48 plus $10 matrix bonus =$58.

Stage 2: You automatically move to stage 2 on completion of stage 1. On completion of stage 2 you earn a total of $1000 plus HP laptop or Apple iPad as a member or partner.

Stage 3: You automatically move to stage 3 on completion of stage 2. On completion of stage 3 you earn a total of $3000 plus a brand new Hyundai Elantra car and empowerment for two less privileged persons in your society.

Stage 4: You automatically move to stage 4 on completion of stage 3. On completion of stage 4 you earn a total of $6000 plus a brand new Hyundai SUV and empowerment of motherless baby home selected by you.

Stage 5: You automatically move to stage 5 on completion of stage 4. On completion of stage 5 you earn a total of $12000 plus free interest housing loan on request and a paid trip to Dubai or Hawaii to members or partners.

Stage 6: You automatically move to stage 6 on completion of stage 5. On completion of stage 6 you earn a total of $80000 plus $10000 yearly residual income and become a TRUSTEE of H2i and much more.

Helping hands international is an opportunity for everyone who wants to have a second income opportunity and have the heart to help or extends to others around him /her. It's a business for the family,friends,relatives,colleagues, professionals and alike. It's a success driven platform.

Membership can only be attain by referrals from an existing partner or everyone can become a member if sponsored by an existing partner of H2i. Come and join us today!

You can operate many accounts upto 50 accounts as individuals.

For full info and more details visits:

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