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Soaring gold prices and what this means to you

Why gold prices are soaring and what it could mean to you

Right now the prices of gold is soaring. This is a bullish market for gold This means that gold is being traded more than what it has been traded in the past Gold has never traded this much in the past before Normally, gold was in the bearish market was lightly traded. Now since it's trading has picked up, it is considered the bullish market for gold..

Gold is mainly not traded by individuals but by companies Large banks and corporations use gold as a medium of exchange sometimes. Since gold is so expensive, it limits it's market to banks and corporations. Gold is used to pay off huge amounts of debts and obtaining expensive goods and commodities and products. Individuals usually like to trade with money because it is broken down where you can get smaller and less expensive items. People are aware that gold is a natural commodity and they see it as an expensive item and is aware that it's value is high People do not totally understand gold. They think that it's some kind of block you trade between people. They forget that gold was made in the form of coins which used to be traded in the early 1900's and previous years. People have little awareness of the gold stock which usually is traded on the stock market, most people do not or has never experienced handling gold. This kind of commodity is not taught thoroughly in schools The most people in the US was taught was about the gold rush. That is the most amount of history they know about gold

Gold has almost been forgotten about almost except when you see it in the form of jewelry. Such as the gold necklace which was very popular in the 80's. This was a style that became a fad which turned into the cool thing to do By being in the jewelry sales for a short period of time, gold sold more in jewelry form than in any other kind of form. During this period of time, the awareness of gold did go up. Gold sales wee greater than precious rocks such as diamonds, rubies, amethyst, emerald, sapphire and pearls. Isaac Hayes a famous sole singer in the 70's, wore a gold cross around his neck prior to the gold necklace era fad which was in the 1980's.

Now with the many rumors about the economies crashing and going down, gold now comes back to the surface. Banks and corporations are heavily trading with gold and individuals are encourage by certain research groups, medias another organizations to start using gold as a waay of trading. You can see it on the website that gold has survived any recession or depression of course, nothing can beat a product from God. It has been around for thousand of years and will continue to be around.

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Yvette Wilkins

This article was published on 25.02.2016 by Yvette Wilkins
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