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Is There a High Ticket - Big Ticket Biz in Your Future?

Okay so we're all building our downlines and making sales to earn ourselves the financial independence we deserve.

But the sad truth is.   Most network marketers aren't making the money they thought they would make when they joined their respective programs.   

The "real" money, the money people need to buy that new house, buy that new car or pay for that dream vacation without having to worry about what's in their bank account is probably going to come from something other than MLM commission checks. 

Have you ever heard the term "high-ticket" or "big-ticket"? 

Just in case you haven't, it's where you promote a product (usually a information product) or service where the minimum amount of cash you earn is $1000 dollars. 

Think about this for a minute. Let's say you want to earn $10,000 a month.  No...lets be conservative and say you want to earn just $5000 dollars a month in your business. Which do you think would be easier? Selling 5 items at $1000 each or selling 500 items at $10 each? I think the answer is obvious. It's much easier selling only five items at $1000 each than 500 items at $10 each. 

Plus think of the time and effort it would take to sell 500 items per month. Not counting the advertising costs and headaches of customer support issues too.  Who needs that? 

But selling cheap e-books and other low priced products that sell anywhere from $7 to $97 dollars is what the so-called guru's want you to promote to make money. 

So I'm sure you would agree that high-ticket or big ticket is the way to go. It's where making the big money is and how you can position yourself from $0 to 5-6 figures in no time. 

Let me be clear though.  By no means am I knocking network marketing. Sure you have to build a downline of a lot of people sometimes to make a consistent $1000-$5000 a month. And that income is dependent upon those downline members staying active and purchasing product every month.  But at least it's residual/passive income, which is what I love about network marketing. 

What I'm talking about when I mention high-ticket is what I like to call "right-now" money. The kind of money that you wouldn't mind going to your mailbox tomorrow afternoon and finding a U.S. Priority Mail envelope with $1000-$17,500 in CASH in it.

This could be money you're making in addition to you growing your downline and earning whatever monies are afforded you in building your network marketing business. 

I found that I needed to start making that "right-now" money while I continued to build my network marketing business.  

Maybe it's something you might consider in the near future?

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This article was published on 07.03.2020 by Frank F. Mayes
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