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I am going to tell you about the worlds first stemcell nutrition company.  This is the only company that I know of that that gives you the real thing.  I have tried the product on myself and the effects have been impressive.   My dog used to have an epileptic fit every day. After giving her the product for only one month; She has not had any further epileptic fits, in the last four years ago.   I believe that this is directly related to taking the product. 

Basically there is one product. It is a complicated product to understand, but all the  information that you need is on the website. Then their are a few variations of the  product and supporting products built around it.  For example, their is the stem enhancing product, then there is a product with reduced dosage for dogs and cats. Their is an increased dosage product for horses.  Their is a product called stemflow, which helps the blood to carry the released stem cells to the farthest parts of the body. There is a cream to put on your skin which includes the product. 

This Product is available in most parts of the world:

Two capsules a day releases around 2 million adult stemcells into your blood stream, which is enough to repair minor damage to your body that occurs from training for sports events, and other minor traumas.  That is why it is popular with sportsman/woman who want to be able to train harder and more frequently. It is a far better and healthier alternative to drugs/steroids etc. 

Their is a chemical process in your body that attracts the stem cells to the areas of your body that are in need of repair or replacement of cells in the damaged tissues.  As you get older these stem cells tend to flow less and less in your blood stream, which is one of the reasons that your body starts going rapidly downhill as you get older. Taking the stem cell enhancement product, assists you to maintain your body in an optimal health condition, as you grow older. 

The stemcells in your bone marrow split in a different way to any other cells in your body.  They always create a mother and daughter cell, instead of two daughter cells like the cells in the other 102 tissue types in your body do. That means that when you release stem cells into your blood stream, you always maintain the quality and quantity of the adult stem cells in your bone marrow. 

Recent tests done in 2005 and onwards, by various scientists have proven that adult stem cells in the blood can become any one of the 102 tissue types. Previously it was believed that only embryonic stem cells could form any tissue type in the body. One of the reason for this misconception was that up until around 2005, the tests were always done in test-tubes and not in the blood in a human being.   

You will find some of these details are on the website, and there is more to find if you do some research.  Why don't you check out the website, do your due deligense and then sign up and start using the product.  I know that you will thank me if you do.  My reference number is:  Stemtech ID:5722085

This article was published on 17.09.2016 by Franz Devantier
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