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My name is Sarah Browne. I am a mother 4 amazing little people and happily married. We relocated from Melbourne to beautiful Noosa, in Queensland Australia in January 2015. This was thanks to my home online business, that retired my husband and I from shiftwork and traditional business. I joined my company specifically for the product. In fact I was so raw, I had never heard the terms 'MLM' or 'Network Marketing', I actually googled them both.

I bought a skin care pack that came with a business opportunity that I knew nothing about. All I knew was I wanted to change mine and my families life. So I became a very good student, began learning and started building it part time. After 2.5 years I have built a Global Distribution Network of 9,000 distributors in 45 countries around the world. I LOVE personal development and mentor my team and others in Mindset. I use an online platform to generate leads and have outstanding training resources to help people brand THEMSELVES not Just their product or company. I believe that more VALUE you offer to others, the more SUCCESSFUL you will be. Network Marketing or Direct Sales, I believe is one of the simple business models but certainly not the easiest. I feel blessed that as a first time Network Marketer I have seen success, but I know lots of people who think its going to happen overnight, and when it doesn't they jump ship to the next shiny opportunity that is presented to them. It all begins and ends with YOU. Its not your upline, or the company, its YOU.

In our industry people come into it with their sales hat on and alienate their warm market before they even begin. I know because I did this too! But instead of giving up I decided to go professional in the industry. I have followed and teach my team the same principals,  called I.L.T..... What's I.L.T? Invest, Learn, Teach. You can't wake up one day and decide to be a doctor right? You must go through years of learning and studying! Success is built DAILY not in ONE DAY. So work on you daily to become the best version of yourself :)

I'm looking to connect with like minded individuals who are looking for a new MLM opportunity OR for people who are happy in their current company and looking for online Lead Generation/Attraction Marketing guidance. I also can help you with Personal Development/Mindset material, as that is where success begins :)

Please connect with me on facebook or via my website and see how I can help YOU!

This article was published on 24.04.2016 by Sarah Browne
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