How To Put Together Your 90 Day Blitz


As a network marketer, we need to continue speaking to more people about our business, products, and company on a daily basis.

Those who speak to more people, will have more success by default. This only makes sense to put together a 90 day blitz plan, and do it as often as possible.

In this business announcement, I want to share with you some tips, resources and ideas to help you put together a 90 day blitz plan that will be very successful, no matter what company or opportunity you may be promoting.


You have to have hundreds or thousands of prospects, to make it possible to stay on the phone all day giving presentations.

This very first step is where most network marketers give up. They don't know enough people to successfully pull a 90 day blitz off.

This is where the MLM Recruit On Demand system comes in. It allows you to continue dialing prospects that are super targeted and more likely to join your business. Best part of all, is you do not have to pay for the leads after the initial first small $15 payment for the system itself.

Using this system eliminates the excuse or obstacle of not having prospects. The prospects it gives you everyday are genealogy leads, which most of the time convert best.

Now that the biggest issue is taken care of, it's time to move to the next.


When you are planning your 90 day blitz, you must create a schedule that you can stick to.

Using Google calendar is an option to keep track of your call times, presentations and 3 way calls. You can use any calendar you wish, but Google is what I personally find easiest since it is also tied in with Google Voice for texting the prospects I do not get in touch with on the phone.

If you can not stick to the planned schedule, this can all fall apart. Being involved with network marketing takes a lot of discipline of ourselves.


Getting in touch with the most people possible, is the idea. Don't be afraid to be aggressive when it comes to getting people on the phone with you.

Each lead the MLM Recruit On Demand system gives me, or any lead I personally generate or meet, has a process in which I locate them.

There are only 3 to 4 attempts to reach each person. If they do not answer the phone, I send out a text message. The text message gets many people to contact me back.

Each attempt has it's own voice mail to leave as well. On the 3rd or 4th attempt (up to you) is when you leave the final message, letting the prospect know you are not going to try to reach them again, and you will mark them off your list.

This will get you a percentage of people to finally reach back out to you.


All the steps above are intended to get the most people possible to look at your presentation. If you are using a presentation you made, or a company one is up to you.

The best way to convert the most people from presentation to enrollee, is to be "present" on the phone with them when they come off the presentation.

This will eliminate the no-show followups, and prevent people from going straight to their negative thinking friends for answers.

You want your prospect to ask you any questions they have and hear from you the positive aspect of the opportunity. Failing to be present during the presentation will lead to many no-shows who otherwise were originally interested in joining you.

90 Day Blitz Overall

So grab your "MLM Recruit On Demand" system for a lifetime of prospects without having to buy leads.

Make out your schedule, and be sure you can stick to it.

Create your call plan, how many calls you will make to reach them, your text messages to send out, and your voice mails which are different each attempt.

Be present when you give your presentation. 

Now, you have a winning 90 day blitz plan that will in fact bring you success if you will stay consistent, positive, and work harder than you ever have before.

This article was published on 31.07.2016 by Jaye Carden
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