Four Corners Alliance Group Review

Four Corners Alliance Group is setup to be a one size fits all, everyone get in the door ‘wealth creation opportunity’ that’s been causing quite a stir as of late amongst online business gigs. Our goal is to give you a no-non-sense approach and appraisal of the buzzing affiliate program like this that will further help break down the business inside and out.

From our research and review process, we can see Four Corners was started by David Harrison and was meant to attract the attention of everyone who is interested in immediate cash flow using the phraseology “money in, money out”. Let’s dig a little deeper into an up and coming MLM scheme to see if this is spam scam or a worth while deal.

What is Four Corners Alliance Group?

4corners-alliance-group 4Corners Alliance Group is a new matrix MLM that offers a way for you to make money online. The company has recently become popular in the world of network marketing for its universally applicable and flexible compensation plan that gives on lookers an easy opportunity to create a residual income.

The company’s corporate office is located in Las Vegas and seem to have a solid business models in place with IT and support available to all affiliates and members.

The concept of four corners alliance group is pretty simple; when you join you get access to digital products and a business educational newsletter that comes out every month and allows you to get pay a residual commissions (hopefully these are not more me too type products because there is already an overwhelm here).

Many people have become attracted to the company since they offer a low buy-in fee of only $18 to begin earning commissions. That’s really one of their biggest selling points and attractions from what we have gathered and that’s why we call it the ‘everyone get in the door deal’.

At first glance, there is nothing really special that makes this company unique (like iPAS2), but at the same time many people could be attracted to the simplicity of the business and the opportunity to earn 80% to 100% percent commissions from building a team with this organization.

4Corners Alliance Group Products

4Corners offers 2 products that are presented in an easy to access instantly downloadable format.

The products are educational and offer information on how to attain financial security and create a lasting business online.

Four Corners Alliance Group Financial Education Set

The first set of products four corners alliance group offers comes in a set of 16 books that are distributed into 6 level membership purchases.

The information in these books is available in multiple languages, including Spanish, Malay and Thai and it focuses on helping you reach your financial goals and build a solid online business. This can be beneficial for building your organization since not only you will benefit from learning how to build a business but at the same time your growing team can take advantage of the information and create a strong organization as well.

Educational Books Details –

Level 1 – Book 1: the Essentials

Level 2 – Book 2: Become a Smart Investor

Level 2 – Book 3: Millionaire Mindset

Level 3 – Book 4: Dealing With Credit Card Debt

Level 3 – Book 5: Living Trusts

Level 3 – Book 6: Economics The Truth Behind The Spin

Level 4- Book 7: Protect Yourself for Identity Theft

Level 4- Book 9: Debt Crisis

Level 5 – Book 10: Real State Investment

Level 5 – Book 11: How To Invest In Gold and Silver

Level 6 – Book 12: Investment Principles

Level 6 – Book 13: Time value of money

Level 6 – Book 14: Real State Investment Trust

Level 6 – Book 16: Investing For Impact

Monthly Newsletter Subscription

The second product that you can have access to when you join four corners alliance group is a monthly business and lifestyle newsletter.

To get the newsletter is $29.95 from what you are paid an 80% commission residually.

Four Corners Alliance Group Retail Store

If you are not part of the business you can also purchase the books and the newsletter from the company’s retail store.

If you are interested contact me now or sign up directly  by clicking Here

Hope to see you at the top. When you're ready we will be here to wealth come you.

This article was published on 19.03.2016 by Lekan Adepoju
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