Rodan and Fields #1 Skin Care for our Celebrities!

Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields created Rodan are two dermatologists in the United States and they are most well known for creating Proactive! Who hasn't heard of Proactive?! Well they have done it again, creating the new #1 skin care in the US and EVERYONE is talking about it! It was recently on the Ellen Show and Dr Oz. These dermatologists wanted to help not only women but men, children and teens find confidence in their own skin without needing a doctors appointment! With this new line of skin care products, you now have an entire arcinal at your finger tips for any skin problem you could possibly think of! Enough with one size fits all skin care products! Our skin is always changing with the environment, our age, our hormones, you name it. We can prepare you with whatever you need to look your best and feel ready to take on whatever life throws at you! With four different lines that combat the most common skin care problems. First, and the most popular, being Redefine! Redefine is the #1 anti aging skin care line and is the secret ingredient for many celebrities youthful look! This line includes our secret weapon, a micro roller, used by Jennifer Aniston! She says it's like " spanks for your face." The second in the line is Reverse! I know i'm not the only one who did some tanning in my youth! Plus as a young woman who had her first child at 21 I was devastated when I thought my bikini days were over! Before you say, Tara you are being ridiculous, just because you have a kid doesn't mean you can't wear a bikini! No, I had that worst stretch marks my doctors had ever seen! The thickest ones being at my bikini line and were about an inch and a half thick each! They covered my entire stomach only stopping about 3 or 4 inches below my chest and continued down my thighs to the back of my knees! I tried everything! every kind of $100 bottle of lotion out there that promised to make my stretch marks disappear! To my horror nothing worked! Nothing even made them fade or shrink until I paired my micro roller with my reverse line! within a weak I was running up to my mother and sister flashing my bare belly at them with glee! My stretch marks were fading and fast! Before I run out of space and you get tired of reading let me get to number three, Unblemish! Who has acne?! and it doesnt have to be everyday! I use this stuff for around that time of the month or for when my kids have stressed me to the point where my pores have betrayed me! I cant believe how fast this stuff works! a couple days and its like it never happened! I always have this on me! Last but certainly a life savor is number four, Soothe! My son and father use this! It is the most gentle wash we carry but still so effective!  Do you get breakouts but nothing works on you because your skin is so sensitive and dry everything you have tried dries your skin out to the point it hurts?! Do you have Eczema like my father? Leaving a permanent red tone to your face no matter what? This gentle line soothes anything from eczema to sun burns in a few hrs! I have seen it! This product is used by Miley Cyrus, Blake Shelton, Melissa Gilbert, Tia and Tamera Mowry and even OPRAH!!! If that doesn't sell you on this product I honestly don't know what will! We offer a 60 day money back guarantee to all of our first time customers! So there is no risk to trying this at all! I did not start using this product because I sold it I started selling it because I LOVED it! Take a leap of faith with me a join my team of Awesome woman and men who are rocking this world! Brighten peoples spirits and show them that the past doesn't have to be their future! With our products cancer scars are gone! Pregnancy scars and stretch marks are gone! Sun damage , yes those spots you think are freckles, they are not and those can be gone too! But only if you take this opportunity! I get stopped in the coffee shop and asked what i use on my skin and you can too! I love people I want to make you successful and that day is today!   
This article was published on 09.07.2016 by Tara Marshall
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