Pre-Launch - UBER of Health Care - Trillion Dollar Industry - Act Now

NOTE:  This opportunity is for the best of the best network marketers.  

Global Rescue has just announced their Pre-Launch of a first ever network marketing business in the service end of health care, Global Rescue Direct a global enterprise.   They are kicking off in the US and opening in Canada and Mexico in the future.  Pre-Launch is over July 31, 2016.  There are only a couple weeks left. 

 The business is backed by an existing successful 12 year company that does Global business in 195 of the 196 countries around the world. Now it is time to launch in the US Marketplace. 

The shortest way to describe this new business is Uber meets Healthcare, except instead of pressing an app and getting a driver, you press an app and get a US licensed doctor!   If you have ever felt sick and had to drag yourself to the doctor's office just to be told to go home take an aspirin and go to bed you know how frustrating that is when you could have done the same thing over the phone.  

I called my nephew who is a doctor about this offer and he said "if the right business with the right connections launches this, it is the future." Insurance companies are already planning on how to interface with virtual medicine. The truth of the matter is the health care industry needs fixing and Global Rescue Direct has the means to do it.

This is 4 years in the making and now that the company has secured Medical licenses in all 50 states it is time to launch!   Services are supported by Johns Hopkins Medical, Navy Seals and Army Rangers, and the system is backed by Apple Technology. If you are interested in looking at the information and potentially participating with me and getting in first before the company launches, reply yes, and I will send you links to more detailed information. 

Global Business Owners who signed up during Pre-Launch are VIP owners with better payout.   Commission for direct sales is $300 additional compensation is driven by your down line activity.

The product is a membership. The membership provides Healthcare for the 21st century. 

24/7 Access to: 

 Medical care – Around the clock. Across the globe.

 Face-to-face video consultations

 Prescriptions, lab work, diagnostic imaging

 Advice about your diagnosis 

 Board-certified physicians and clinicians

 Subspecialty second opinions from Johns Hopkins Medicine

 Help determining the best possible treatment options

No follow-on selling. No product to carry.  Only cost is annual membership.  Marketing materials and website are provided.  Customer and contact management is an app on your phone. 

This product is going to go viral because Global Rescue Direct puts you online with the best doctor's available via your cell phone. Who wouldn't want that service.

This is the time to ACT. The advantages of enrolling now in Pre-Launch as a Global Business Owner (GBO) (unlimited family or unlimited individual) automatically makes you a GBO along with getting all the services, medical device and electronic brochure.   The medical device and electronic brochure will be an extra charge after the Pre-Launch period is over July 31, 2016.

If you are the best of the best, join Global Rescue Direct NOW

This article was published on 21.07.2016 by Vicki Delaney
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