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5 reasons to become a doTERRA consultant

doTERRA consultant

We all have many motivations for starting a business, I believe that joining a business such as doTERRA needs a different set of reasons, so below I have set out my top 5 reasons for joining doTERRA

I personally drifted into network marketing and later doTERRA after years of working for an engineering company and then later becoming interested in internet marketing. I could always see the benefits of starting a business from home such as extra money, control and even convenience.


Top 5 reasons for being a doTERRA consultant

Reason one

Become a doTERRA consultant and receive a residual income

The traditional business model is to buy the products you want to sell at wholesale and sell to the customer at retail. This concept is very linear and means a repeat of the same process over and over again.

doTERRA on the other hand allows the doTERRA consultant to earn a residual income from their actions. A residual income means that the doTERRA member can get paid over and over again for one action. For example, you have recruited someone and they have sold some product. You will receive a commission from the action of your enrollee and also their enrollees. This type of system works very well for the home based self employed, because if for example you cannot for because of childcare issues or you're ill, you will still receive an income from your past actions.

Reason two

Become a doTERRA consultant and gain the tax benefits

The amount of tax breaks you will get from joining doTERRA is amazing. Unfortunately, people who are new to working for themselves do not fully understand how good they are. I don't want to get too specific to one country, but most western countries encourage entrepreneurial activities by offering great tax breaks. In addition, if you are registered as a business in your country doTERRA allows you to purchase their products Tax free.

There are so many advantages that I would suggest contacting your own regional tax office for more details in your situation.

Reason three

The extremely low cost of becoming a doTERRA independent consultant

For such a high quality product and company the startup cost is a give away, such as:

  • USA enrollment fee: $35
  • EU enrollment fee: 20€
  • UK enrollment fee: £20

Can you imagine the cost of starting a traditional business? It could be as little as 10000$ to even a million dollars depending what you want to start. Companies like doTERRA want you to join them and feel that a small fee will weed out those who are not really serious about running a business from home.

Reason four

Many become a doTERRA representative because of the high quality products

If you are going to use and buy their products you may as well purchase them at the best possible price. So, many people join firstly as a  doTERRA wholesale customer and the upgrade later as a consultant (wellness advocate). There are so many benefits to starting the loyalty reward program (LRP) such as free products and high commissions.

Reason five

When you become a doTERRA distributor, you are joining a global social club

You only need to attend one of the doTERRA conventions to know that doTERRA is a family. This will include your personally enrolled team. Your enroller will want you to succeed and in turn you will want your downline to succeed. It is a great feeling when one of your team manages to gain a new rank or start receiving a regular commission. In many cases these relationships continue for years to come. I personally have network marketing friends going back 25 years and still meeting and helping each other even if we do not work with each other.

Conclusion to your motivations for starting a business and becoming a doTERRA rep

Of course, I don't really know what the motivations are for everyone joining doTERRA, but I do know that those of you who are serious about making money from a home based business will see something in this last and say "doTERRA is for me". 

For more details about doTERRA, click on the learn more link below and we will send you details and a FREE product guide ASAP...


This article was published on 06.07.2021 by Steven Jackson
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doTERRA - Essential oils, 35 USD to join

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