How to Lead a Customer Centric Culture within Network Marketing

Here is a great topic that should be the focus of every developing business. In Network Marketing, the stigma has always been to buy overpriced products and recruit other distributors to do the same while given an income opportunity that never pays out to the little guy who is just getting started. The commission structures are normally set low for the beginner marketers who will never really see the big earnings until they reach a certain rank in their organization...

But not anymore... For the first time ever.. there is a network marketing company out there who niche is in a multi-billion dollar industry that allows its representatives to buy product in bulk at a price below wholesale and sell it high. The market value is greater than the cost to the distributors. This creates retail customer acquisition with return buyers. 

Recent studies show customer centric companies are 60% more profitable than other companies who are not focused on the customer. 90% of marketers believe that individualization with the customer is a priority- the more personanl the approach; the greater chance there will be a positive response. 

When we look at this from a customer's perspective, what is it that keeps us as customers receiving good and services from a company for years to come? The answer: The level of customer service and support received for the length of the relationship.  No one in their right mind would stay with any company that provided poor customer service. I think this is something we all can agree upon without debate. 

Here is an article about what our team of entrepreneurs is doing to create customer centricity within our network marketing company.  You can read it here

I have been marketing on and off for the past 12 years online and understand a little bit about how this systems work. Always improving I have moved into position to with a group a great people in a effort to make us all successful. The goal is to join our organization as a Ruby- business builder pack. 

When you do this I will give you a network marketing recruiting system for free with target prospects who have experience with network marketing. The goal is to contact them and ask them to take a look at your business. Some will join. Then with the teams help, we will align their marketing strategies to resell their products at the market value which will create long term customers. 

 I will also give you a rank position of Alpha Entrepreneur (FREE) in Markethive- Inbound Marketing Platform to help with your marketing efforts and business growth! 

So how do we market our distributor product purchase to make a profit?


We have already verified and tested that our products sells for more than we pay on ebay and we are ready to teach you how to do it.. Have you ever sold anything on ebay before? I think just about everyone has at some point in the past. Our product line does extremely well in the auctions of ebay. So what does this mean for an entrepreneur network marketer? Positive income gain..month to month, year to year.. You see you will never go under as the products keep selling to customers for higher than you paid. At the same time, you talk to your warm market and tell them what you're doing. Most people get excited when they learn there is money to be made each and every month with no worries about how they are going to continue to pay their autoship the cashflow is constantly their leaving extra money to spend on various advertising methods.  

This is a no brainer.. If you would like more information about how to get started as at the ruby level with our company them join my mastermind group and let us teach you.  Click the banner below to get started. We hope to see you succeed! 

This article was published on 15.08.2016 by Steven Cavan
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