Don't spew all over them!!!!!!

Are you excited about your new business?  GREAT!  Just don't ruin it...

You see, the thing that makes me sad is watching so many hopeful women and men spending much of their time using OLD SCHOOL methods to market their "amazing, best thing I've ever seen, don't miss this" business.

You know what I mean, contacting your friends and family, your "warm" market, your contacts on Facebook.  you message them, let them know you have something exciting to share, and then you go on about why this new business is the best thing since sliced bread.

Don't worry, I've done it too.  I actually was convinced this was the best way to build my business even though I knew better!

And then there is the network marketers and internet marketers we try to "hit up" with our "amazing business".  Don't you think everyone else feels passionate and enthusiastic about their own business - just like you do?  You are just fighting a losing battle if that is the way you expect to grow your business. 

So therein lies the problem:  How to get them to switch, join or move over to YOUR business.  

How do you do it?

I'll tell you how NOT to do it.  Messaging people you don't know and spewing all over them about why they need to take a look at what you are doing and why they would be crazy to miss this "once in a lifetime opportunity".

People buy people first. We all know that. So what does that mean exactly?  It means we all want to be sold to (or have things shared with us preferably) by people we like.  So how do you get someone new and "cold" to go from not knowing you to LIKING you in one message?


I personally have done the old-school version - the blurting and spewing method, and I have done the friends and family (shudder to think), and I have done the copy and paste method.

NONE OF THE ABOVE ARE SUCCESSFUL.  Really, they are not.

So what is my tip?  I say share, give away valuable and helpful information and help others to become successful, because as we also know, the more people you help to be successful, the more of a success you will become.

How do I do it?  I give away a free leads service.  I love to share it, and you too can share it with others.  Giving away free leads is a great way to be a "giver" rather than a spewer!  

You can get your free leads here >>>


Kirsty Sleep (come find me on Facebook)

+61 414 467 900

This article was published on 29.09.2016 by Kirsty Sleep
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Lindsey Van Der Westhuizen Wow, Kristy. Yu are so right. I also use to do it, horrible to think that I could have been like that. I love yout article. will look for you on facebook.  1 year ago

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