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Hello my name is Leslie Griggs, I love to travel. I have loved to travel even from my earliest childhood memories of traveling and exploring the world. If I could spend my entire life on vacation, I would. Believe me, I would explore, meet people, engage in conversation, relax and then do it all over again somewhere else in the world two weeks later. Just to think how enriching that would be, is very gratifying.

Well, until then, I am going to travel as inexpensively, and as often as I can

If you want to save money and time especially when booking a week long trip to a timeshare property, purchasing gift cards, eating at restaurants, shopping your favorite store etc. Go to

You will earn points on every dollar you spend. Use the points towards hotel, flights and more.

Can you believe it? You will be able to use those earned points towards booking flights, Yes, you read right, flights. Signup for our Platinum Travel Club for a low access fee of $29.95 per month and enjoy the exclusive benefits.

,Just sign up and try it out for yourself and do some comparisons.

I have been a Timeshare holder who has the Platinum travel club, now. I know the value, first hand. I regret buying into the timeshare vacation game. I only wanted to travel and vacation at resorts around the world. It is too expensive doing it the old way, and the fees and taxes keep rising. I would rather spend my thousands on vacation, instead of to vacation. I only spend $29.95 per month for access to the same resorts and I am very happy to do it.

When you signup, you will receive Insider travel pricing, a travel concierge to make reservation, and much more.

Who needs a credit card any more to get points towards the things they want. Get access to points for travel and more without the $95 annual privilege fee to participate. Go ahead and try it.

if you want to earn $1500-$3000 in the next 30-45 days and 75% commission on booked travel. Click here to learn more:

It's time for you to start your own travel enterprise. Then exclusively book your friends and family travel, plan trips, have travel parties, meet new people and have fun. Think about it. Who knows better than you what your friends and family like..

The travel business is an 8 trillion dollar industry. We all have to travel from one place to another at some point. Starting a travel business is a lucrative way to generate an income, save money on travel and more. You will have access to everything you need to start a successful travel business. The University training, to get you certified, and our outstanding compensation plan, our 4 step system to get you paid, and team support.

We have a great team of well qualified and dedicated agencies around the world helping each other to achieve success.

For those who pay US taxes. Did you know, you could save money on taxes by generating jobs? To qualify, start your profitable money making travel agency today. Its worth the tax breaks and right offs to lower your tax liability. 

This article was published on 20.06.2016 by Judah Griggz
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