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Nui International is a United States based company headquarted in Utah. The company trades more than the top ten cryptocurrencies in the market and listed on theNasdaq as APQT. As an affiliate you invest in physical machines called trading bots, that perform automated trading for you. The trading contract that you purchase lasts for 200 days or until a 500% Return On Investment (ROI) is achieved.

Nui Education helps our members increase their understanding of the blockchain, we offer an extensive education series so members can find understanding of how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work much easier.

At Nui International, we use a combination of different algorithms and active operators with knowledge and years of experience, our system is projected to support a variety of markets and maximizes every return for initial packages.

The company also allows you to mine a decentralized cryptocurrency called Kala coin where the potential is enormous and cost is minimal. Members can mine Kala through GH/TH contracts, mining platform, or earn them through trading and Core. Kala Coin  is soon to be launched on the public exchange around Jan-Feb 2020.

Monday through Friday Operations. ** (We do not guarantee a fixed profitability daily. The market has fluctuations and speculations that are out of our control and can affect the contract terms.)

Furthermore, if you choose to participate in the network marketing part of the business, the compensation plan is a Unilevel matrix that allows you to refer and earn 10% of your direct referrals. You also receive a 2.5% matching bonus as a participation percentage bonus as you build your unilevel network of unlocked unilevels up to 10 levels. There are also Rankings, Cash gifts, Awards & International vacations.

Why is Nui such a success?

1. Superior Investment & Career Opportunity

2. It Gives Back To The Community (NUI Kids)

3. Helps Families Make Incremental Incomes

4. Own Cryptocurrency With Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Kala Coin Launched in 2017. Thie Bsiness Model Creates an Ecosystem Built Around Creating Value And Utility Where The Company Acts As A Platform Where The Decentralised Cryptocurrency Can Be Redeemed

5. Variety Of Digital Products

6. Owns 3 Of The Operating Blockchains In The World

7. Global Expansion Founded In 2016

8. Registered And Audited By SEC (Securities And Exchange Commisions)

9. Publicly Traded On The Nasdaq

10. 500 000 APQT (Appliqate) Shares Have Been Set Aside For Q1 Of 2020 As Collateral For Nui International Package Purchases.

* Due To Tight Regulation, This New Venture Is Only Avaulable Outside Of The United States

Service Packages:

$100, $300, $500, $1000, $3000, $5000, $10 000, $20 000, $50 000 and $99 000

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