The System: Made by the RICH for POOR

We have been brought up as a generation with the following rules:

Go to school

Get good grades

Go to college

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But the truth is that this system, which has been around for a few centuries now, was designed by EMPLOYERS for EMPLOYEES! And this makes total sense doesn’t it? Because the rich have and ALWAYS WILL need a labour force to fill their money making machines. If they didn’t have this system in place and people simply worked for themselves or didn’t acquire skills that were useful to people who run the corporations, then there would not be rich people and poor people and society would not be as it is today

Now I’m not slandering the capitalists in society, although it may seem like that. Capitalists are largely responsible for most of the good and efficient things in society and have and always will contribute greatly. Most capitalists are never driven by money and generally have some higher purpose in mind, which we all should have, and simply accumulate vast amounts of riches, initially, by accident and then grow their legacy by careful thought and planning. I’m just saying that this is the state of society and it is something that we either have to live with and buy into or exploit.

I personally am for exploiting the system. Why? Because I have been rich and I have been poor and I choose RICH, EVERY SINGLE TIME!

The industrial age is over! With current situations, and the way the trade unions are destroying economies, it is becoming harder and harder for people in industry to successfully maintain profits due to increase costs of-basically- everything!

Labour goes up because poor people have finally realized that there is power in numbers and they are indeed needed in order for rich people to stay rich! STRIKES, STRIKES AND MORE STRIKES! Increasing wage demands is killing the industrialist and the economy, but the greater good is supposed to be being served so we can’t argue about whether it’s right or wrong, despite not always done in the correct fashion.

Network Marketing is great because it allows you both to be part of the system and take advantage of it as you can leverage of other peoples efforts and grow a legacy that you can pass on!

The new money masters are those who have mastered online! This will be covered in a later article so stay tuned!

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Yadav Timmal-Cape Town, South Africa

This article was published on 09.11.2015 by Yadav Timmal
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Yadav Timmal Exactly! look forward to working with you soon!  4 years ago
Milos Pavlicevic That is true. The school system supports the status quo not to question anything even a better way of living  4 years ago

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