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Hello my name is Jim and for almost a year my good friend tried to get me to experience her MLM company that she was working for and I kept telling her no because I was very skeptical about MLMs in general.  It wasn't until a year later when I kept seeing Facebook posts of her and her husband on vacations every couple of months and him driving an Escalade and her driving an X5 for free but I still didn't take her seriously until I notice them each quit their corporate jobs.

Thrive has been such a gift from God for them and now it has been for my family as well.  I will admit I put minimum effort in at first but I started dropping weight, 12 pounds in 2 months and we made extremely easy money off of just telling our friends why we were feeling so great.  We are still making money and will be for a long time.  We all know all about our own companies but I would very much encourage you to try Thrive for just 8 weeks, it will give you steady energy all day without the crash and will make you feel amazing. 

My oldest daughter has Type 1 diabetes and to keep her blood sugar normal I wake up twice in the middle of the night to check her blood.  At work I would be exhausted and would give minimal effort and management was taking note.  I would then come home and not have the energy to play with my kids or give my wife any attention.  I was drinking energy drinks all day long and my gut was paying the price.  After just a couple days on Thrive that all changed.  I started losing weight and had all of the energy in the world all day long and I had mental clarity at work so I decided that I had to share this product with everyone I knew.  

I had no intention of joining an MLM but once I started sharing this with my friends they started going crazy for the product and they started ordering as well.  My wife and I became promoters for Thrive and started making money for what we were already doing and that is sharing with our friends.  This is so easy and there is no inventory because customers get their products shipped directly to them and put in their orders through their personal website.  It is so amazing and so much fun to go to our site and see the orders pour in and know we are REALLY helping people!

For anyone who tries Thrive by March 31st I will give them 50% of their order in free credits.  That is just free money for the following month because I know how much you will love the product and the company.  I very much encourage everyone to check out and hopefully it will change your life like it did for my friends and family!

This article was published on 28.03.2016 by Jim Lind
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