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Here is a little information about Futurenet is a company who’s aim is to encourage its users to have fun online, whilst enjoying the fantastic multimedia products this company has to offer.

Futurenet also provides it’s members with a Social Media platform similar to FACEBOOK where it’s members can join for FREE and make friends as well as use it’s products and services.

There is also an online opportunity where you can money with Futurenet, many of it’s users are already making large sums of money, so there is no reason why you cannot do the same.

Finding information about FutureNet is a virtual wild goose chase. The company’s homepage is solely an invitation to login or register for the FutureNet Advertising Program Hidden at the bottom of the page are three links


Terms and Regulations

FutureNet 2014-2016

The Company link provides next to nothing for the user in terms of information. It lists Founder and CEO as Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern. A Google search of these names produces little more than a series of video interviews on YouTube. The company link also lists a vague company address located in the Marshall Islands, a small nation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The FutureNet 2014-2016î link also takes you to a page where you can register for the company’s advertising program. Once again, there are several links hidden at the bottom of the page:




Log in



About FutureNet

Future Mobile



The Registration, Log in, Help and About FutureNet links all take users to the same page that encourages them to watch a six-minute video about the company. The video appears to be somewhat outdated, at one point referring to Facebook being created nine years ago, meaning the video was created around 2013, possibly sooner.

The video itself is all flash and no substance, offering no specifics on what the company actually does or how people can make money through FutureNet. It begins with a vague discussion about the future of the Internet for market potential. The video then calls FutureNet the most innovative social network platform,î that can help people achieve their potential. There are claims that FutureNet shares 90% of its income with users and that people will get paid to use all the social network portals they already use on a regular basis.


This article was published on 12.09.2016 by Chamidu Bagya Prabashana
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