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If you are recent in the Bitcoin world, you may have been quite confused by the

Terms and procedures associated with crypto-currencies.

LUNO(formerly BitX) is a well registered digital currency company that

provides Bitcoin wallet and exchange services.

NEUTCOIN( (Auto Swap wallet as everyone

knows it) is an online wallet service that is capable of interswapping

currencies to generate margin profits.

I will show you the ways to use it and give you some great lessons on

how to earn easily also using LUNO and NEUTCOIN wallets.

This will serve as a basic guide to help introduce you to digital

currencies and how to make wealth from them.

NEUTCOIN and LUNO has the best and simplest system design and

interface. Anyone who can operate a smartphone can use them. And if

you own a smartphone or laptop, you should venture into this.


Basically cryptographic currencies are digital forms of money, which

means that they

are scarce, valuable and transferable (primary characteristics of

money) as well

as effective but with distinctive property that they are easy to

transfer and are

not controlled by any body.


It's pretty easy to earn bitcoins as a new user; It is advised to use

Swap wallets.

Swap-wallets are different from static wallets because they are able to

swap your assets to the most progressive form at every point in time.

Your assets always appreciate and can not depreciate because all the

crypto-currencies can not depreciate or appreciate at the same rates.

A fall in one means a rise in another.

Hence by interswapping them correctly you can key into this volatility

to make profits off them.

   You can create static bitcoin wallets at

However, to get profits, you must create a Swap wallet.

You can get it at

Swap-wallets are also called Auto swap-wallets.

   You will also need to create a LUNO or COINBASE or PAXFUL, REMITANO

etc, account for buying

or exchanging bitcoins for money.

For this guide, I am going with LUNO since it is easier and more accessible to

new USERS especially those from non European countries.

You can adapt this part to work with coinbase or whatever services you use.

   Create a luno wallet with your correct details from

or using the mobile app.


(1) So you buy bitcoins from luno and transfer it to your Swap-Wallet you

created at

Give it few weeks of swapping and transfer the margin profits to your

luno wallet again;

from there, you can then withdraw directly to your local bank account.

The basic idea is to store your bitcoins in a Swap Wallet so they are

constantly inter-swapped hence appreciate in value; you also get a

unique address with which you use to receive bitcoins directly to your

neutcoin wallet.

Swap-Wallets are used just like regular bitcoin wallets and can be

used to receive and send bitcoins.

NB: I used NEUTCOIN Swap wallet here because it's easy to use and

understand especially for new users and swapping is automatic.

You can check out thousands of site reviews made by users at

NB:luno has some limitations on the amount of funds that can be

withdrawn in one batch by a single individual(ranging within hundreds

of dollars) hence to remove this limitations, you should upload

identification documents eg driving licence, national identity card


So that's it.

I hope that you all have the best experience in the new world of cryptos.

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Oluwajana Adewale

This article was published on 15.10.2019 by Olu John
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