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Hello Everyone!

I'd like to share something that use to happen to me before I became involved in network marketing.

Although it doesn't happen as often as it did years ago, I could always count on almost every other weekend some person (a guy usually) "pitching" me on some MLM "deal" either in a mall, book store, barber shop, gas station or flea market. And this was their line, "Excuse me sir, but are you open to the idea of making more money?"  I would always respond with laughter because I thought what a dumb question.  I mean who doesn't want to make more money?

After I actually became involved with my very first network marketing company, I stopped laughing.  Why? Because I was introduced to what was known then as "the 3-foot rule" by my sponsor.   Soon, I was the one going up to strangers and asking that same dumb question.   I was told that this method separated the men from the boys and that if I would do this on a daily basis, I would soar to the top of the company's compensation plan. I KNOW you know what happened right?  Right.  I sucked at the "3-foot rule" and I didn't soar to the stratosphere of that company's compensation plan. 

I said all that to say it's a good thing we don't have to do that 3 foot rule nonsense any more, but it still seems  to be difficult for the vast majority of networkers to garner targeted prospects.  

Of course if you're not having any problems with gaining prospects, than obviously this announcement doesn't apply to you. But I realize there are millions of network marketers out there struggling to get prospects. 

So here's  just one  "think outside the box" way of creating leads for your business. 

That's right...eBay. 

Hey, don't fluff this one off.  eBay is still one of the most highly trafficked websites on the internet. Why not take advantage of it?

Here's how to start creating leads with eBay. First off, you'll need to set up a buyer and seller account.  With either account you'll want to start buying some cheap items that cost just a $1 buck like an e-book.  Any e-book will do. You see eBay has a ratings system and you acquire points by the feedback that is left by each individual buyer or seller you engage in a transaction. The quickest way to accumulate points is to buy inexpensive items. You'll want to do this because people who visit eBay look at the buyers and sellers feedback rating to determine if they want to do business with you or not. If they see you're fairly new with hardly any points, or none at all, they'll just bypass you and go somewhere else to do business. So again, buy 10 cheap e-books  and get at least 10 feedback points. 

Next, you'll want to create something called an "About Me" page. This page will allow you to showcase your business where you'll be able to include your link to your lead capture page for your business opportunity. You may be asking how do you get people to look at your About me page?  You would do this by creating an auction selling a book on self-improvement, starting a business, or even network marketing. You can pick these kinds of books up very cheaply (25 -50 cents) at any Salvation Army or Thrift store. You can also find these kinds of books at estate sales.

Now all you have to do is set up an auction selling a book like "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill and at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of your auction place a link encouraging the visitor to check out your "About Me" page. 

It could go something like this: 

For more books like "Think and Grow Rich" click here. You would have a list of other books you have available for sale on your "About Me" page, and you would make sure the "click here"  (in your auction) would be a clickable link to your about me page. 

It's not hard to create an auction. You can go to a site like Auctiva and sign up there to use their auction management service.   They have very professional templates to help you create impressive auction pages. 

You'd be surprised at the number of leads you'll be able to receive using eBay and it's About Me page. 

This article was published on 01.01.2017 by Frank F. Mayes
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