I'm E.J. Melvin and I would like to announce a unique wealth creation opportunity to you. There is nothing to buy, and nothing to sell. There are no monthly membership fees. There is a one-time activation payment required to open your wealth-building matrix. The concept is based on the principle of sowing and reaping and Paying It Forward. I like to call it Seedtime and Harvest.

Planting a one-time seed of $20 opens up a forced matrix of 5 slots on your first level, which I will call windows of profit. These 5 windows allow you to invite 5 people to your team who agree to pay you $20 each in order to open their own wealth generating windows. Once those 5 have completed their payments, you have now reaped $100, a 400% return on investment,.

You may then choose to upgrade to Level 2. To step up to level 2 and open more windows of profit, simply use $40 of the $100 you have now reaped and pay it forward to the person who invited you to join. This one simple act opens up 25 more windows for you to profit, this time at the $40 level. So 25 windows open up and $40 comes to you 25 times, causing you to reap a harvest of $1000.

With each new level you choose to step up to, you open up more windows of profit. Would you like to hear what waits on level 3? Just use $60 of the $1000 you have reaped on level 2 and Pay it Forward to the person who invited you and this opens up 125 windows of profit. Each window represents a $69 payment made directly to you. When you have invited enough people to fill these windows of profit, this level gives you the potential to reap $7,500. The total amount you will have potentially generated is $8600 USD and all this from a one-time seed of $20 USD.

The matrix runs 10 levels deep and some of your windows on any level could be filled by what I call overflow from your up line (the person who invited you to join their team). This overflow helps you to fill your windows easier and provide the seed you need to Pay It Forward to the next level up. The fact that the first payment is the size of a mustard seed ($20USD) makes this system available to everyone.

This platform is one of the best I have seen because it is a simple principle of people helping people reach financial success one small seed at a time. With this wealth creation system, everybody profits and no one is left behind. I am inviting you today to get into position to profit. The windows of heaven are opening now. Join me now.

See you on the inside,

E. J. Melvin, Opportunity Broker

This article was published on 22.09.2016 by Ella Melvin
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