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I went to a Job interview which was going well when the boss asked me what my expectations were around 


I replied..

1. I would like the opportunity to rapidly advance in the company.

2. I'd like to give myself a raise at any given time.

3. I need unlimited sick days and annual leave.

4. When I do well I expect recognition and bonuses.

5. I want to set my own schedule and work around my family.

6. I expect you to provide me with the training I need and personal mentorship, if I need it.

7. I expect that the company will be able to support me in making the world a better place for many other families.

8. I want the opportunity to own a car that I did not pay for.

9. I'd like you to send me food hampers each month so that I can feed my family.

10. I want to have Christmas paid for by the company.

So.. when can I start?

After he pulled his jaw off the floor and stopped laughing hysterically he said 'WOW, you're dreaming, you will never find that kind of opportunity. If you do, I want to work for you.

So i gave him my business card!

If you are interested as to how you can get all of the above please inbox me. I'll be happy to arrange a time to get together and share it with you.

What we have right here is a two stage programs. The initial one is a simple but set and forget opportunity that will make you enough money to carry on into the high profiled second program that you will love. You can make money and at the same time save for your future in Gold and Silver which are the well known real money for ages which never looses its value. Gold is the noble metal that had carried its glory for many many years and it is shining again. In the current turmoil, the best place where you can park all your money for the future is only on Gold and Silver. Silver is always maintained its value at the rate of one tenth of gold. For example, just for $100 you can get about 5 ounces of Silver stored in the most secured place on earth for you. Once there is enough of these metals saved for you, you may choose to deliver them to your home if you prefer. When you buy these precious metals, you get to buy them at just 3% above the wholesale prices which is the real bargain. Wether you buy one gram of gold or a 1000 grams, you get to buy at this amazing price.

This article was published on 31.07.2016 by Ramesh Rathinam
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Gold is the Safe Heaven - Start Saving in Gold, 99 USD to join

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