Hi Everyone,It's a pleasure to be here...

I am lucky enough to be a founding member, 1of 12, into this great new business partnership. This is not MLM! IT is a Direct Sales System with Comissions, Revenue Sharing and a real life product that is actually discounted for our purposes ,rather than Over Inflated like most companies do.We are using and selling the same product for all business promotion purposes.Online or offline. Go to DereksBizOps.com and take a look... Just opt in and create a password to see how things work. Doesn't cost anything...This is in Beta Launch...



 1 new costumer equals= $30 a month 10 plus % revenue sharing every month.(Figures based on Msbp lite plan) @ 10 sales a month equals= $300 earned commissions plus+ $39.99 a month Revenue share.Okay,to acheive 10 sales at 1% CR (click rate),all online SEO (search engine optimization ) and SMM (social media marketing),must generate 1,000 site visits. MSBP works off a 1% close rate system,meaning the projected traffic must equal 100x the number of sales goals...That is standard with any business."Law of averages". 


Total earned commissions equals= $1,800

Total revenue sharing equals=$399.83

Total earnings equals=$2,199.83

That is at the basic plan,other plans and additional FaceBook campaigns will make your income much higher.

This is a real business,not a get rich quick ,fly by night scheme.It should be taken seriously.

Join MySurfBiz Plus (MSBPLUS) and become powered by Web Robotics™, created and managed by MiTek Robotics™. Web Robotics™ is partnered with Amazon AWS, PayPal, Microsoft and a Member of Google Partners. Our infrastructure will assist in the performance of your online ROI. Web Robotics will provide you with Websites Development, Hosting, Web Security, SEO(search engine optimization), Social Media Marketing and Support.They will do the heavy lifting while you focus 0n the main asset, your customers. Discount prices starting at $49.95 to start a business that is being Generated,Tweaked,Optimized and Advertised so that you have more time to Socialize with your customers and friends.

During this Beta Launch there are Specials on Price matches for Facebook ads and promotion purchases up to $150... So if you spend $25-$150 on FB ad promotion,you get it matched,so,a BoGo! I don't know about you,but I like a deal.And R.O.I ...The internet will be going thru many new legal changes starting soon. Dont't get stuck in it ! MSBPlus and Mitek Robotics are here to get you thru it !

If anything,just do me the favor of going to DereksBizOps.com and register in the top form ,so I don't get in trouble for not having 3 people opted in by this Sunday...Lol. You don't have to buy anything. But this is the future of the internet ! Safelists,Mailers and Traffic Exchanges will soon be a thing of the past Starting this fall. So now is the best time to get in... Get your ROI !

See you soon,

Derek Bainbridge

This article was published on 11.08.2016 by Derek Bainbridge
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