My Rodan and Fields story

Why did I join Rodan and Fields? I'm a doctor. I make a decent living. But when I was a child, we lived in Florida, and I never used sunscreen. Then I became a teenager who actually wanted a tan, and fast forward to now, I have brown spots caused by sun damage and I ended up with a basal cell skin cancer on my face. Plus, I have student loan debt that I want to eliminate.

The products that I'm selling are created by the world-renowned doctors who created Proactiv. Drs. Rodan and Fields are the most quoted dermatologists in the country and they know what they are doing. Proactiv is a household name. Now, they have created an anti-aging skincare line and there is a regimen for every skin issue. Every regimen comes with a cleanser, a treatment regimen, and an SPF.

**REDEFINE is for fine lines, wrinkles, skin tightening

**REVERSE is for reversing sun damage, fading brown spots, brightening over all skin tone

**UNBLEMISH is for acne or more than four or five breakouts each month

**SOOTHE is for sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis

Each regimen is a TWO month supply and there is a 60-day, empty bottle, money back guarantee on everything!! There are three ways to order:

1) Retail - you go to my website and SHOP NOW - quick and easy! (

2) Preferred Customer - same as above, but choose PC PERKS first (on the bottom left hand corner of my website, as soon as you go to the page). With this option, you save 10% and get free shipping on every scheduled order and one other order within the 60 days between your scheduled shipments. There is a one-time $19.95 fee to sign up as a PC, but that is a wash with your first 10% off savings, and you still receive free shipping on that first order. Every two months, you receive an email saying that your replenishment regimen is ready to ship. At that time, you may choose to edit, skip, or cancel your order. You can edit which products you receive in your renewal, change the timeline when they will ship, or simply choose the same products you just tried. You can push out that replenishment order up to a year out with no fee or penalty. With the discount, this is the best way to save!

3) Consultant - if you would like information ordering as a consultant and building your own business, let's talk. I'm trying to build my team and would love to talk more about this exciting business!

We also have a microneedling tool (the AMP MD roller) that helps to "till the soil" and promote collagen growth. This combats sagging, fine lines, wrinkles, and helps reverse damage from acne. There are also other products that so many people use daily such as sunscreen, lotion, and make-up removing cloths. We all have skin, and we're all aging...these are amazing products that will help your skin look its very best along the way.

I have tried many other products (believe me, there used to be a graveyard of opened products in my bathroom) that were expensive. My skin looked okay, but it didn't make any positive changes. With these products, my skin has made some amazing changes and I will never use anything else on my skin. My sun damage has gotten so much better, and I'm so much happier with the texture of my skin.

If you're interested in joining my team, please contact me! I'd love to chat about this amazing business opportunity.

In good skin health,


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